no honey, resting is NOT easy

Mar 9, 2021

8 months ago, I made a promise to myself.

I promised that I would step out of the hustle culture, take things slow in my business, and give myself more time to rest and heal (because lord knows I needed healing back then).

And precious, I haven’t looked back since then.

But, the journey hasn’t been easy either.

There are times where it’s been fucking tough. Times where I was supposed to be resting but felt compelled to go back to my laptop and respond to emails, or switch on my camera and record my next webinar.

And if you’re trying to bring more rest into your life, you’ve likely faced this too.


So here’s the tea honey, resting isn’t simple.


There are white entrepreneurs (and just entrepreneurs in general tbh) who make it seem like resting is so damn easy.

Well, no shade, but all of that is just an act.

We’ve been socialized from a young age to crave hard work, especially as POCs. To believe working nonstop is the only way to achieve what we want.

So, if you suddenly work towards doing the exact opposite of what you’ve been conditioned to do, of course, you’ll face resistance. Your mind is in mega confusion mode after all.

What I have to say to that is one thing and one thing only: embrace the struggle.

Rest is something you need to develop the muscle memory for. Giving yourself permission to be still isn’t gonna happen overnight. So don’t get frustrated with the process. Give it time, stick to your goal, and you will get there.

I mean, it’s taken me 8 months to feel comfortable with taking 3 days off a week and I still get anxious sometimes when Friday rolls around and I’m still in bed or out playing with my doggo. My relationship with rest will probably never be perfect.

But it’ll be worth it.

Believe me boo, there is a place in this world where rest and thriving can go together.

It’s up to us to work towards creating it.

So tell me, where are you on your journey to rest?


Until next time precious,


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