Say Fuck You To Hustle Culture 🖕🏿

LIVE, 4-Day Clinic for Entrepreneurs of Color
Monday, August 29th – Thursday, September 1st
2:30PM – 4:00 PM daily

Learn and practice the real somatic, intuitive, and mindset tools that will help you finally release the guilt you feel about resting so that you can do less and enjoy yourself more in this deep dive workshop + clinic with Gieselle Allen

What We’ll Cover in This 4-Day Clinic

Day 1:

Your Current Relationship with Hustling

Get real about what your current relationship to hustling and productivity looks like – does being productive make you feel safe? worthy? accomplished? We’ll uncover where that relationship comes from (spoiler alert: white supremacy + capitalism) – so that we can start shifting it.

Day 2:

Shifting + Releasing Capitalist Stories

Learn and practice the exact somatic, intuitive, and mindset tools that Gieselle uses every day with her clients to help them release capitalist stories that they’ve internalized…so they can stop feeling lazy and guilty about resting & start seeing rest as the revolutionary, money-making activity that it is.

Day 3:

Meeting Your Needs Outside of The Grind

We’ll work on finding ways for you to feel good, stable and secure without you doing a damned thing so that you can stop using hustling + being productive as a crutch – and can get your needs met in more helpful, enjoyable ways.

Day 4:

Liberating Your Whole Damn Business

Learn the five common areas where white supremacy + capitalism typically hang out in your business…and how to get rid of them so you can scale your business in a way that feels truly authentic to you and your needs as an entrepreneur of color.

Join This Live, 4-Day Clinic to Rest More,
and Feel Zero Guilt Doing It.

Meet Gieselle Allen

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