Workshops, Trainings, & Coaching for Organizations

Through workshops + trainings, 1:1 coaching and group coaching, I partner with organizations who want to support their leaders & professionals of color to:

  • Heal Burnout
  • Cultivate Better Boundaries with Coworkers
  • Navigate Conflict in The Workplace
  • Develop their Unique Leadership Style
  • Speak Up in the Workplace
  • Manage Up
  • Become More Confident in their Ideas & Decisions
  • Find Resources to Manage Stress & Anxiety

However, I do this a little different
than your average coach

My work specifically focuses on how each clients’ intersectional identities and systems of oppression (like capitalism, white supremacy culture, and patriarchy) impact the way they’re showing up as a professional, leader, and community member in the workplace.

I also integrate science-based tools, resources, and practices into every workshop, training, or coaching container so that your employees see real results, and can continue to use what they’ve learned after the workshop is over.

Proudly partnering with, and empowering leaders from

The Results Speak For Themselves

Many organizations make the mistake of thinking that coaching & trainings are a gift to their employees – and while it will certainly benefit the individuals in the program, this will benefit your organization even more.

Past organizations have reported that after their employees participated in a GAC coaching cohort, they saw a noticeable increase in:

  • retention
  • engagement + initiative
  • morale
  • community + teamwork
  • productivity
  • leadership skills

The impact is even larger with people managers at this organization, because they will learn not only how to do this work for themselves, but how to pass it down to other folks in the organization.

Long story short, if you want to retain great employees, and also see them become more engaged, proactive, and productive within your organization – then investing in workshops, trainings, and coaching is more than worth the investment.

“Gieselle absolutely blew us away with how well she touched on all of the subjects we requested for our bias and inclusion training.”

We were wondering how to build the framework and language for a more inclusive culture within our org for a while, and Gieselle was able to take these rather sensitive, complex and triggering subjects, and break them down to a point that warranted moments of healthy and necessary reflection for all of us. Gieselle was always thorough, organized and responsive whenever we would meet and review material. Truly, Gieselle exceeded our expectations.”

– Corporate Partner

Workshops, Trainings and
Retreats for Organizations

Gieselle Allen Coaching offers a variety of workshops, training, and retreats for your leaders & employees of color.

All workshops, trainings, and retreats are typically held over Zoom, however I’m happy to talk about in-person events.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here? No worries – I can tailor something custom for you and your organization.

2 Hour Workshops

Say Goodbye to Self Doubt

Attendees will uncover their individual reasons as to why they’re overworking (no, it’s not because there’s a lot to do!) and look at how they can create & enforce better boundaries for themselves without sacrificing their productivity – it’s possible.

Safe To Be Seen

This workshop supports attendees to speak up more in the workplace as leaders & professionals. In this workshop, participants will uncover the unique stories that keep them quiet – and learn how to feel safe expressing their opinions and using their voice.

Say Goodbye to Self Doubt

This workshop helps attendees understand the root of their self-doubt (and how it relates to their identities) and gives them practical tools to quiet down self-doubt in the future.

Cultivating Your Human-Centered Leadership Style

This workshop will support participants in understanding what their authentic leadership style is, and how to feel confident implementing this leadership in the workplace. It’ll also support them to get feedback to ensure this leadership style works for their team.

- Eleanor V

“After working with Gieselle, I have personal power and I love the work that I do. And, having Gieselle as a coach, you will never feel alone or crazy”

I am putting myself in situations that are uncomfortable and challenging knowing that I will grow from them and learn more about myself. Working with Gieselle is worth the investment in money and time. As BIPOC, it is a complex weave of roadblocks, issues, systems, etc that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes all at once. She is strong, direct, loving, kind, empathetic — all the qualities that you need in someone who can help you maneuver in this journey of life as a person of color.”

– Eleanor V

Retreats & Courses

The Confidence Catalyst

This six session program can be offered as an intensive virtual “retreat”, or as a weekly course. This program is designed to quickly and efficiently help attendees release the stories that make them feel less confident, and introduce them to new tools & resources that help them feel confident.

Say Goodbye to Negative Self-Talk

This six-week course helps employees of color learn science-backed strategies to get rid of the unhelpful thoughts that keep them stuck in cycles of procrastination, analysis paralysis, or fear of failure. This will help your employees make better decisions faster, and with confidence.

Say Goodbye to Burn-out

This six session program can be offered as an intensive virtual “retreat” or as a weekly course. This program is designed to help your employees make better choices around what needs to happen, what needs to be delegated, and how they can create better boundaries with themselves to ensure that they’re not overworked – while still getting everything done.

Elle R.

“I’m so grateful for Gieselle. If I could always have her in my back pocket I would, but I don’t need to because she’s helped me learn to trust myself and do what feels right for me. What coach does that? An amazing one!

– Elle R.

1:1 Coaching

I work with leaders or emerging leaders at all levels within organizations to support them in growing into the professional they want to be.

My clients have included CEOS, Executive Directors, all the way down to entry-level employees.

I work with clients in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month containers. We can talk about what time frames work best for your organization and your employees.

If you’d like to get a sense of what coaching with me is like, you can check out a session with one of my former clients here. (TW: this session mentions sexual assault at the 30 minute mark. If that is triggering for you, please stop the recording before then.)

Kat M.

“Working with Gieselle was one of best decisions I’ve ever made”

“She is compassionate yet very straight forward. She knows how to help you cut through the bullshit to get to the root of what’s going on. The results and breakthroughs you get really last because she coaches you to figure it out for yourself. I know how to integrate, problem solve and listen to my intuition now. That’s one of the biggest gifts I could have ever gotten from Gieselle. Because of the mindset work I did with Gieselle, my relationship with myself is night and day from before. My relationship with my work is different too. I have more confidence that I know what I’m doing and can do it.”

– Kat M.

Group Coaching

cohort lengths are 4*, 7, or 10 months

Group coaching is the perfect choice for organizations who want to support a smaller group of BIPOC leaders or employees in a much more in-depth, transformational way.

I’ll work intimately with your leaders over a set period of time to help them create and meet their leadership goals, cultivate their unique leadership style, build confidence, and become a tour de force in your organization.

If you want to invest in leaders in a way that ensures that your organization and leaders experience serious results, group coaching is for you.

*I recommend a 7 or 10 month coaching program for best results. It takes time to create the results you truly want for your employees. The four month journey is a great beginning, however many individuals need a minimum of 7 months to truly get the full benefit of this work.

“Group coaching with Gieselle is so much more than a “mastermind.”

“It is a deeply loving, supportive and nourishing community. The amount of self-trust I have built here has completely changed the course of how I interact with the world. I cannot recommend this program enough!”

– Rebecca A.

Custom Designed Experiences

Looking for something a little different than what I’ve laid out? No worries at all – we can discuss a different experience that includes a mix of any of the below:

  • Workshops, Trainings, + Retreats
  • Group Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • 1:1 Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of leaders of color do you typically support?

My leaders of colors run the gamut. I work with CEOS and Executive Directors, all the way down to entry level employees.

As far as identities go, I have extensive experience working with folks who hold the following identities:

⚡South Asian
⚡East Asian
⚡White-presenting/ Light-skinned
⚡Gender questioning
⚡Children of Immigrants
⚡Non-Native English Speakers

I work with leaders in a multitude of industries:

🥳Executive Directors
🥳Tech Leaders & Employees
🥳Non-profit leaders
🥳Entrepreneurs (new business owners, experienced leaders with teams, solopreneurs, etc.)

Do you work with our type of organization?

I have extensive experience working with all kinds of leaders in many different organizations. I’ve worked extensively with partners in the tech and non-profit space and can speak easily to the leadership struggles leaders of color face in those environments.

If I’m not familiar with your specific organization or sector, we will have a conversation for me to learn more about what your leaders experience, and I will ensure what we discuss is customized based upon that.

We want to include allies in this work – is that possible?

It is possible – I actually have lots of allies who religiously read my newsletter, listen to my podcast, and purchase recordings of my workshops for folks of color. They get a ton out of it.

I’ve also had corporate partners host workshops to help their allies support folks of color or people with marginalized identities better. At the end of the day, as always, if you’re curious – let’s have a chat and see if what you’re looking for is a fit for what I do.

We don’t have a big budget – how much does this cost?

It honestly depends on the organization and its needs. I would say that if my work feels like a good fit for your folks, schedule a call to discuss with me what we can make work within your budget. We can usually find a way.

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