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Dec 2, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Revolutionary leadership is NOT synonymous with overgiving!

Regardless of the season, overgiving is never in. We are chatting all about the ‘why’ of overgiving. You may ask yourself, how do I regulate my giving when I want to serve and give to as many people as possible? We are diving into giving at our own expense, serving when it is not the best thing for us, when we have other needs, when we are at our capacity.

Overgiving does not equate to being a revolutionary leader. This may come off as shocking, praised leaders are noted to have given until they could give no more, but I promise you this is not a toxic cycle we are going to repeat.

Overgiving is exactly that… A toxic cycle!

While celebrating these leaders we have promoted the idea that to truly serve others is to drain yourself of everything…


This episode we are confronting the toxic ideology that giving all of yourself is what makes a good leader, how white supremicist culture has taught BIPOC that this is our role (to give unconditionally), and how capitalism has conditioned us to function that way.

This episode is not to be missed. Grow in your revolutionary leadership and still have more than enough left over for yourself. I can’t promise you won’t feel called out, you might feel a bit attacked, but there is no growth without some pain, lovelies!

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