leaning into your power and leadership

Nov 11, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

After discussing the concept of leadership and power in episode two, it is time we discuss the importance of leaning into our leadership and continually seeing and expressing our power. Doing this is necessary to make the massive impact we are hoping for, to liberate our communities, and create better futures for us all.

Remember, power is not a dirty word. If we want to create change and liberate others, we need our power. When you are a revolutionary leader, when you are someone who’s committed to liberation, more power is better. All change that has come to our communities, every good change, has come from someone, or someone’s, that recognized and rooted into their power.

It is time for you to deepen and expand your power. Listen to this episode and give yourself space and time to let it soak in. This message is too good, too powerful, to miss out on!

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All my love, all of my heart, all of my motherfucking power,

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