panic attack in the serengeti

Jan 5, 2023

I had something really crazy happen to me on vacation.

My husband and I were on Safari in the Serengeti.

I should’ve been having the time of my life.

I was on a once in a lifetime trip, seeing the most incredible animals do the most incredible things.

But TBH, I was losing my entire mind….

…so much so that I had a panic attack the night of my birthday.

In the past, I would’ve chalked it up to the problem being me and my brain, since I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since I was 13.

But thankfully, this time – I could see the truth.

The problem wasn’t me.

It’s that I was deeply under-resourced.

Normally, I keep myself feeling good (and sane!) by:

👉🏾working out five days a week
👉🏾having lots of down time in my day to day, and full nights of rest
👉🏾eating super nourishing food that honors my body (and mind’s) needs
👉🏾leaning into spiritual practices that ground me

These are some of my key “resources” – aka the things I pull upon to keep myself regulated, healthy, and happy.

But on this trip, I was stripped of all of those things.  Instead, I was:

👉🏾getting zero exercise due to the long days we spent in our safari car
👉🏾exhausted every single day due to early mornings, long days, and jet lag
👉🏾struggling to get food that wouldn’t make me sick
👉🏾separated from all of my routines that help me regulate my nervous system

When you look at it that way, it makes complete sense that I had that panic attack on my birthday.

I was completely run down.

While it really fucking sucked, that panic attack reminded me of you, .

If you’re like most of the leaders and entrepreneurs of color who come to work with me…

…you’re feeling pretty run down too.

(Yes, even a few days into 2023.)

Whether you’re working in an organization, or you’re an entrepreneur, you likely relate to feeling:

❌blocked from having the financial resources you need to thrive
❌gaslit and demoralized
❌like you just don’t have the support you need

It’s no wonder why you feel:

😡mired in self doubt
😡like you’re not showing up as the entrepreneur and leader that you want to be.

You feel those things because you’ve been under-resourced, just like me in the Serengeti.

And when you’re under-resourced, it’s impossible to feel good, or show up as the best version of yourself.

Good news, though:

There’s a way to take back your peace.

I know, because I’ve done it…

…and this is the work I support my clients to do every single day, too.

You just need to:

👉🏾find (and practice!) the “resources” that help you feel energetic, confident, and like the brilliant leader (and entrepreneur!) that you are

👉🏾create boundaries, get out of situations and relationships that make you feel miserable

And once you do those two things over and over again, you’ll start feeling:

🔥like things are so much easier
🔥in control as a leader and entrepreneur of color

I say it like it’s simple, but the truth is, this process takes experimentation and time.

Thankfully for you, I’ve been doing this work for over five years now – and with my experience, I can help you find your peace so much faster than if you were doing this shit on your own.

If you’re ready for 2023 to be the year when:

✨you truly feel balanced and stress-free
✨creating the boundaries you need with your coworkers, clients (and yourself!) feels EASY
✨you are finally able to truly rest, be present, and resourced
✨feeling overwhelmed and burnt out feels like a thing of the past

…then you should get on my calendar to talk about 1:1 coaching right now.

These are the results I consistently help my clients to create within a couple of months, and if you’re ready, I can help you create these results, too.

I’ve got one spot left in my 1:1 practice, and it’s going to the first person who says “hell yes!” this month.

After that, I’ll be on a waitlist until May.

So if you’re curious, click here to learn more and get on my schedule ASAP.

I can’t wait to talk to you,

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