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Sep 16, 2021

One of my clients works herself to the bone.

She works 50+ hours a day…

…and is up, working late into the night, sleeping with her laptop…

…all so that she can provide for her family and her children.

There’s a deeper reason why she works this hard, though:

it’s because it’s what she saw growing up.

Her parents worked long days, hustling to take care of her and her family.

Now, decades later, here she is doing the same damn thing as an adult.

She’s repeating this cycle, because as kids, our parents, family, and community are our role models for how to exist in this world (for better or worse).

We learn how we are supposed to be in this world – what to be stressed about, fearful of, how much we should work – all of that from watching our parents, family, and community.

My client was horrified when she realized that, because if kids learn how to exist in this world from their parents…

…that means her kids are more than likely going to grow up, and overwork themselves and stress over money, too.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not what she wants for her kids.

She wants for her kids to live a life of joy, take days off, and she certainly doesn’t want them to feel stressed as fuck like she does.

She wants them to know that their worth is not based on what they do, or how much money they make.

She wants them to chase their dreams, and do what they love – even if its not the “smart” or “right” thing to do.

Here’s the important part every parent needs to read:

It doesn’t matter how much my client tells her kids what she wants for them.

She has to show them by being that example.

Sure, she could tell her kids, “Go fulfill your purpose!”

But when they watch her do the exact opposite every day, their brain will start to create stories that pursuing their purpose is unsafe, doesn’t make enough money, and less important than working hard for at a soul-crushing job.

Because if it was the right thing to do, why wouldn’t mom be doing it?

Can I ask you a serious question?

What do you want for your kids? What kind of life do you want them to lead?

Do you want them to:

follow their dreams?
chase their purpose?
follow their intuition?
know that they are worthy, every day, every minute of every day?
feel less stressed about money?

If so, then you’ve got to do it first, precious

I promise you – it is possible to:

be more confident
fulfill your purpose on this earth
rest more
stress less about money
enjoy your fucking life

…while also being able to provide for your family.

I know, because this is the work I do with clients all of the time inside my 1:1 and group coaching practice.

If I’m being honest, working with parents is my most fulfilling work, because every single one of the tools and lessons I teach you…

…you get to pass along to your children, so they can feel more joy, more confidence, and more peace, even in a white supremacist world that wants to make children of color feel small.

When you’re a parent, doing the work to get rid of imposter syndrome, hustling and grinding yourself to death, perfectionism, and all the things that keep you small isn’t selfish at all.

It’s a gift for you and your kids, so you can teach them the tools and resources we all wish we had decades ago.

It’s a gift for them, because when you start showing up as your thriving, confident, glorious self – you’ll show them that it’s possible to lead of life of thriving and joy…

…even if you weren’t born rich, white, and with generations of privilege to help you get by.

Are you ready to be that example for your children?

If so, then we should talk about working together.

In my 1:1 and group coaching programs, I support women and femmes of color to find more:

energy and more time.

…while also supporting them to make their entrepreneurial, creative, or culture changing dreams a reality.

Along the way, we’ll help you stop:

feeling like an imposter or like you’re “not enough”
struggling with perfectionism
overthinking everything
feeling scared to fail (and if you’re honest, even more scared to succeed)
avoiding speaking your truth in your business, relationships, or work
being your own worst enemy, if you’re being honest.

It’s time for you to not only change your life…

…but be the change your kids need to see in this world.

You ready?

Apply here.

When you apply to work with me, I’ll map out what is in your way of feeling confident, fulfilling your purpose, and having a thriving life  right now- and what you need to overcome it.

It’s an individualized video based off of your unique application (No templated shit here.)

So don’t sleep on this opportunity to get support, and finally claim the thriving life you’ve been dreaming of.

The application is waiting for you here.


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