no one wants you to be perfect

Dec 23, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

This episode is perfect in all the imperfect ways. We all hold onto this thought, even a little bit whether you are a revolutionary leader or not, that to be the BEST at anything, we must be perfect in all of the ways. Not only is this complete BS…
It’s exhausting!

Let’s get real together, perfectionism isn’t a damn thing. As revolutionary leaders we acknowledge that perfectionism needs to be put behind us, but it shows up in really funky other ways, and in this episode we are going to talk about it.

You deserve to be more than perfect.
You deserve to be whole.
You don’t need to have it all together.
You get to let it all fall apart.

Perfectionism is a confining space that I am going to help you bust the hell out of. We are going to lose this fucked up sense of being perfect, and embrace our messy ass selves.

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