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Oct 14, 2021

I can’t believe I’m going to say this…but I actually agreed with a white dude today, lol.

I was reading an article about being a leader while also maintaining your ethics, and a piece of advice that was in the article was that you want to “start from within”…

AKA you always want to base your leadership off of you, your values, your needs, etc.

I really agree with that advice, especially for decolonial leaders…

…because as decolonial leaders, we tend to be in our heads.

We‘ve often read all of the decolonial, anticapitalist literature that helps us see how white supremacy and capitalism shows up and turns everything to shit.

We’ve thought about this inside and out because it’s so important to do that learning and unlearning, but then we get in this really tight box.

We step out of the “white supremacist, colonizer mindset” box and we step into the “I have to be the perfect decolonial leader” box but…

…the reality is there’s no right way to be a revolutionary leader.

This is why in my 1:1 and group coaching, my job is to help my clients stop trying to be “right” and instead get crystal clear on what feels right to you and what feels true to you.

Because the reality is:

1️⃣you’ve done the reading
2️⃣you know enough about white supremacy culture, anti-capitalism,
3️⃣you know that the systems that are currently in play don’t work for you & your communities thanks to lived experience and intergenerational trauma.

What you need to do instead of trying to be perfect and find the “right, decolonial way….”

…is lean into your intuition, your needs, and your desires.

THAT is how we truly end up leading in revolutionary ways – because no one except for us can tell us the “right” way for us to lead and what is right for our people…

…and there’s no formula or rules to being a revolutionary leader.

As you are thinking today about some aspect of your leadership and how you want to move forward, here’s the message I have for you:

You already have the answer.

It is already inside you.

You don’t have to:

do more reading
look at what other people are doing.

The only way forward is to reconnect with what feels right for you, your culture and the community that you are building within your team, your business, and your company.

You have enough. You know enough.  You are already enough.

As a reminder, helping you reconnect to and deepen into your true, revolutionary leadership is the work I do in my 1:1 and group coaching. Interested? Reply to this email or apply here.


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