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Jun 6, 2023

It’s really fucking hard to find “the one.”

We normally hear this phrase as it relates to love…

…but the truth is, it relates to everything.

It’s hard to find the right:

💕hair stylist
💕yoga studio

and the list goes on.

The same, unfortunately, is true with finding the right coach for you.

Not just because there are a lot of bad, untrained coaches out there (which is true)…

…but because at the end of the day, finding the right coach for you is often equal parts luck (that you come across their work) and deep, intuitive trust (that you’re making the right decision by saying yes to working with them!)

You and I already have the luck piece covered – because you’re here, reading these emails!

But if we haven’t worked together yet, my guess is that deep, intuitive trust is missing.

There’s nothing I could say over email to fix that second piece, .

The truth is that just like online dating (ugh!) we’ve gotta stop being penpals and schedule our first “date” so you can see if my personality as a coach and expertise is a good fit for you and your needs.  

(You can schedule that first “date” here, btw)

That being said, if that’s still feeling like too big of a step for you – I wanted to share a little behind the scenes information with you.

While I can’t 100% say that you and I are a perfect fit just yet…

…what I can do is share a bit of information about some of my perfect fit clients from the past year – because if you relate to them, then I might be the perfect fit for you, too!

As far as identities go, my perfect fit clients have self-identified with some of the following identities:

⚡South Asian
⚡East Asian
⚡White-presenting/ Light-skinned
⚡Gender questioning
⚡Children of Immigrants

My 1:1 clients do all kinds of work in the world. Some examples are:

🥳Entrepreneurs (new business owners, experienced leaders with teams, solopreneurs, etc.)
🥳Executive Directors
🥳Software Engineers & Engineering Managers
🥳Non-profit leaders

Some of the goals we’ve been working on together are:

✨creating better work/life balance, so that they can enjoy their life more
✨feeling like they’re fully owning and sharing their gifts
✨finding, applying for, and transitioning to a new job that’s a better fit for them
feeling confident and trusting themselves as a leader and entrepreneur
speaking up without fear of how people will respond
prioritizing themselves and their needs over their business/workplace
✨decreasing anxiety and stress in their daily life
✨improving physical health and their relationship with their body
✨feeling like they can express themselves around white folks and men
✨healing perfectionism so that they can take action without overthinking
✨being able to regulate and balance their emotions

Are you looking at these identities, roles, and goals and saying to yourself, “oh shit, that’s me!”

If so, good news: there’s a good chance we’re a perfect fit, too.

If you want to know for sure, there’s only one way to find out…

…you’ve gotta schedule time to have a free “get to know you” chat with me.

Unlike most coaches’ intro calls, I won’t be spending any time trying to sell, manipulate and persuade you to work together.

Instead, we’ll spend the majority of the time getting to know each other and your needs…

…because it’s really fucking important to me that it feels like a fit (for both of us!) and that I am 100% sure I can really help you reach your goals.

Once I understand you and your situation fully, I’ll share what I feel like we likely would want to focus on if we were to work together.

And if that feels good, then we’ll talk about coaching, what it looks like, and you get to decide if it does or doesn’t fit your needs.

Are you finally ready to figure out fore sure if working together is a “hell yes” or a “absolutely fuck no”?

Click this link to learn more about 1:1 coaching and schedule a time for us to chat about working together.

Talk soon!

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