Reclaiming Your Name w/ Junielle Rosher

Nov 17, 2022Revolutionary Rising Podcast

When I met Junielle, she went by “Elle”…

…because, you guessed it – she felt like her name was “too difficult.”

But lately, she’s been reclaiming her voice…

…and as she’s reclaimed her voice, she’s reclaimed her name.


During this episode, we talked about so much, like:

  • Junielle’s experience growing up as one of the few Black kids in her Canadian town
  • why Junielle had to first feel “worthy” and “enough” to reclaim her name 
  • how getting a full-time job was the best decision Junielle has ever made for her business
  • how Junielle intentionally curates more joy in her day to day, even when she hasn’t met all her “goals”


I love Junielle so much – and if you love me, I think you’ll adore this episode with her, too.


About Junielle:

She inspires. She uplifts. She is the hype woman to have in your corner. Junielle is a speaker and the founder of the Joy Calendar, a community for millennial women to have fun and schedule more joy in their lives.

Weaving her mindset knowledge with her desire to find her authentic self in a world that praises conformity, Junielle is passionate about prioritizing her well-being while encouraging others to do the same.

Her circle is grateful for her playful energy, her calm presence and her unwavering commitment to helping women live their best, bold and liberated lives.

When she’s not coming up with fun ways to infuse more joy in her community’s lives, you’ll often find her tutoring high school students, or on Instagram, dancing to her favorite tunes.


Connect with Junielle here:

Instagram: @juniellerosher @thejoycalendar


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