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Jun 15, 2023

If you’re anything like me, when you’re looking for a coach, your biggest question is:

“Is this person actually legit?”

Which, tbh, is a fair question…because most folks who claim to be coaches are just folks who woke up one day and decided to start selling coaching.


Here’s the problem with that:

Coaching is a skill that you have to learn and be trained in.


And if you’re working with a coach who hasn’t learned those skills…

…at best, you’re likely paying a ton of money for coaching that, well, isn’t as good as it could be.

At worst, you stand the chance to be harmed and taken advantage of through the work.

So, how do you start uncovering if the coaches you want to work with are legit?

Ask them if they’re certified…and where they’re certified from.

A well-trained coach will be either trained by or certified through an ICF-accredited program, which means they’ve spent a minimum of 1 year learning, training, and being tested on the skills you need to have to be a great coach.

Want to understand the difference between your run-of-the-mill internet coach and an ICF-certified coach (like me)?


Here are some things I do in my practice that support my clients, and are a direct result of my training: 


I don’t give you advice or tell you what to do

A lot of “coaches” (especially business coaches) will give you advice – but that’s actually not coaching at all.

If you’re thinking, “But I want advice…”

I promise you, you don’t.

Here’s why: someone else giving you advice is actually disempowering, because it keeps you feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing, and you need to ask an “expert” who does. 

This is why in 1:1 my practice, I never give you the answers…

…because my goal as a trained coach is for you to feel so confident in yourself and your decision making, that whenever you have a problem or roadblock, you trust that YOU know the best way to handle it, every single time.

This is great for your confidence, but it’s great for your bank account too – because when you feel that confident, you’ll no longer be dependent on me, a therapist, or someone else to help you resolve your problems in your life.


I don’t assume that I know better for you than you do

Have you ever worked with a coach or therapist who gave you advice, and you could just know they’re judging you if you don’t follow it?

Yeah, I don’t do that in my practice.

Here’s why: as a trained coach, I believe that YOU are the only expert on your life, what you need, and what is best for you.  

(And as I mentioned before, my goal in 1:1 coaching is to get you to believe the same, exact thing.)

Will I challenge and support you to do scary things that you want or need to do to meet your goals? Of course.

But if you ever truly feel like something isn’t right for you – I’ll always trust you and your instincts.  No bullying or no judgment.

It’s because I trust you, and I’m showing you that you can trust you, too.


I don’t overstep my boundaries professionally

Here’s something that might surprise you:

I refer my clients to therapists, like a lot.


Because as a coach, it’s important for me to know my limits, and to make sure you’re receiving the support you actually need. 

I’m not a mental health professional, and coaching very very rarely can support you through a mental health episode.

That’s why I’m always paying attention to your mental health in our sessions, and if you’re experiencing prolonged or pronounced symptoms that are concerning, I’ll always initiate a conversation for you to potentially end coaching and get the support you really need to.


I don’t give you formulaic, template coaching

An untrained coach will think that having a set “process” or “formula” for their coaching work is the best thing for you.

But here’s why it’s not:

You are a unique person, with a specific set of needs, roadblocks, lived experiences, and goals.

There’s no one else in the world like you – how could a template that wasn’t created for you ever fully support you?

This is why during our first, free discovery session, I create a coaching plan that’s tailored to you.  

Based on what you share with me during our call, I create & walk you through the exact process I think will work best for you, and no one else – and then we follow that process (and update it as needed) as we work together.

This kind of individualization is the only way you’ll have all of your specific needs met – and get exactly what YOU need.




Are you realizing, after reading this email, that I am legit…

(I am, I promise, lol)

…and that you’d like to explore what it could look like to work with me?


If so, you should take a second to schedule your free discovery session – during that call, you and I will:

👉🏿get clear on your goals as a leader and entrepreneur

👉🏿uncover the real reasons why your roadblocks are getting in the way

👉🏿create a 3-5 step action plan for you to overcome your roadblocks and be on your way


If it feels like a fit for us to work together, I’ll also share the details of what it’d look like for us to work together.

This call is zero sales or manipulation – it’s strictly us getting to know each other, giving you some much needed clarity and direction, and figuring out if I’m the coach you need.

Ready to give it a shot?

Click here to schedule your call.




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