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Nov 27, 2020Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Leadership sounds like a super loaded word, doesn’t it?

The moment you hear it, your mind immediately jumps to the heavy-duty stuff. Y’know, the saving the world, leading board room meetings, running for President kinda thing?

Let’s be honest:

A lot of the time, you think of people who’re loud, powerful, old, white, male.

But what I’m wondering today is –

Who the hell created these fucked up notions of leadership?

And why are you and I still following them?

It’s time we changed the conversation around leadership, precious.

And personally, I can’t think of anybody who does that better than Nisha Moodley, my guest on today’s episode of the Revolutionary Rising podcast.

Nisha is one of my hands down, favorite leaders.

Nisha doesn’t see leadership as special-as-fuck task reserved exclusively for some privileged folks in the world.

She doesn’t think leaders are any different from ordinary people, or that they should be placed on some higher pedestal than the rest of us.

Nisha sees leadership in ordinary people, people like you and I.

In the everyday acts of parenting your kids, getting out of a tough spot at work or simply in the way we build relationships with one another.

She’s rooting for those leaders who have the wisdom to know how to lead quietly, move to the sidelines and let someone else take the reins while you enjoy the ride.

Because real leadership has nothing to do with the politics and hierarchies of dominance and submission.

Real leadership is about collective nourishment and collective liberation.

It is about inclusion in the deepest possible way and it is the agency and ability to do that that makes a leader out of every single one of us.

All you have to do, precious, is tap into that goldmine of potential that’s already there inside you.

And a good place to start is by listening to what Nisha has to say on overcoming our internalized resistance to leadership in today’s podcast right here.

Tune in to learn something about how we police ourselves internally and what we gotta do to stop doing that.

Nisha and I also chat about her extraordinary style of leadership (it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before!), the problem of impersonality in the coaching space and Nisha’s personal motto of being in constant devotion to the world she wants to create.

And if there’s only one thing you take away from today’s podcast, let it be the knowledge that you are already a damn fine leader and our broken world sure as hell needs more of what you’ve got.

Until next time,


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