prioritizing your needs is revolutionary AF

Dec 9, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Continuing the conversation about overgiving and boundaries

This episode is a love letter to all the people pleasers, responsibility holders, and folks who love to take care of other people.

We are conditioned through our formative years to believe that to make a difference, to be successful, we must follow the golden rule of capitalism, to give everything we possibly can. Our needs are unimportant, and to put our needs first is…


News flash, putting your needs first, prioritizing yourself, setting boundaries, IS revolutionary leadership.

This episode you’re learning how to walk the talk. We are learning our needs, learning how to assess our capacity to give, and most importantly learning how to protect those needs and boundaries with the magical word, NO!

Your needs and boundaries guide the space for your community, and while you may get pushback, this conversation is going to empower you to stand your ground.

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