The Revolution is Here

The question is, are you ready?
I'm ready!

For generations, people of color have been forced to perform.

  • The way we speak
  • The way we dress
  • The way we wear our hair
  • Hell, the way we breathe, has been politicized, scrutinized, and criticized

And it’s no different for those of us in business.

We’re told by *cough* white *cough* coaches that we need to diminish our identity to run a business.

That we should only focus on the numbers.

That if we aren’t working 18-hour days, we just don’t care about ‘success’ enough

That we have to do business the “white” way to succeed.

Well, I call bullshit.

There are a lot of ‘shoulds’ in running a business. ‘Shoulds’ that patriarchy, capitalism, and the white standard have ingrained in us.

But, what’s the cost of actually performing them?

Let me tell you from first-hand experience:

It’s not pretty.

You begin to feel:

  • Burnt out
  • Misaligned with your own business
  • Stuck in the same, tired old mindfuckery
  • Like something definitely has to change if you’re going to scale this thing

Soon, you begin running a business that just feels performative.

It doesn’t represent YOU or YOUR identity as a woman or femme of color

And it sure as hell doesn’t impact your community the way you want it to.

Now, instead of alllll that, imagine you could:

  • Run your business the way YOU wanted to
  • Get rid of your fears, and scale your business to have deep impact and meaning
  • Finally work towards your own version of success
  • Know your business honors ALL of your intersectional identities
  • Shout how brilliant you are from the rooftops

ALL while truly enjoying the rest and freedom that are why you started this damned thing?

“Okay Gieselle, whatchu smoking?”

Nothing, I’m just breathing in the sweet, sweet smell of freedom, baby.

It’s possible to step out of the white-washed entrepreneurship world and run your business in technicolor


1:1 Coaching with Gieselle

A personalized coaching program designed to help entrepreneurs of color (yes, you!) go from colonized and misaligned to liberated and revolutionary af.

Finally unleash

YOUR identity
YOUR impact
YOUR bold ass message

It’s time to release anything that’s holding you and your business back.

Including your internal drama, honey.

1:1 Coaching with Gieselle is anything but average.

“Working with Gieselle helped me realize that my messaging was off because it was the palatable white-washed version of myself that I had been using my entire life. I feel so confident in what I’m doing and how I’m doing it and I’m so excited to help and uplift other black women unapologetically while still reaching my financial goals.”

Liz Walker, Business Coach

“Embracing my story as a Mauritian immigrant was very liberating and was the key to unlocking multiple other mindset blocks.”

Gieselle’s work on decolonizing businesses spoke to me, and the transformation I experienced is more than anything I ever expected. I would highly recommend it and I would gladly do it again myself!

Sarah Osman, Wellness and Mindset Coach

The journey to scale your business & impact isn’t easy

But I’m here to help

I’m Gieselle!

I’m a Black, American, queer, ablebodied, neurotypical, cisgender woman. I currently live on the stolen land of the Lenape tribe, which is now known as Montclair, New Jersey.

I’m so grateful that my divine path in this world is to help entrepreneurs of color reclaim their brilliance and power so that they scale their businesses, and finally access the joy, freedom, and peace that is long owed to our communities.

Allowing myself to truly be supported by other entrepreneurs of color who share my values, cheerlead me, and truly see me has changed my life.

I created my 1:1 coaching program with the hopes that you can experience the power of that kind of support, too.

Because what we can achieve together beats ANYTHING we can achieve alone.

Why else do you think they’ve tried to keep us apart for so long?

“After the death of George Floyd, something broke open and I realized that I was whitewashing all the best things about myself, and excluding the very people I most wanted to work with.”

“Through Revolutionary Rising, I have curated a more diverse, high-quality, inclusive, and trusting set of clients. I feel I can continue to dive into this work for months to come and it will continue to impact my productivity, messaging, bank account, and general sanity.”

Jasmin Norwood, Founder and Lead Designer

“My biggest win in joining Revolutionary Rising was connecting with other WFOC in a nurturing and encouraging space. Wyte folx are not the gatekeepers of our liberation.”

“We deserve to feel nourished and in true community with people who understand our intersectionalities and love and celebrate them. This is that community.”

Olivia Howard, Transformation Coach and Energy Healer, Founder
and CEO of Olivia Howard LLC

“I had spent so much time focusing on my business that I had basically become my work and got lost in it. After Revolutionary Rising, I finally know and continue asking myself – what do I want?”

“I am unapologetic about showing up value-forward and all my clients in the last few months have been WOC (primarily Latinx, like me!). I just absolutely love Gieselle and can’t recommend her enough!”

Lissette Calveiro, Digital Consultant, Coach and Creater

Here’s a preview of some of what we cover in 1:1 coaching

Getting Rid of The Mindfuckery

You know that one of the big things in the way of your expansion is well, you. We’ll look at what is a mindset issue, what’s societal pressure, what’s racialized & intergenerational trauma – and heal it all so that you can FINALLY scale your business without the internal drama.

Integrating Your Identity into Your Work & Message

I’ll help you stop feeling like you don’t have the “right” BIPOC/queer/neurodivergent/immigrant experience, or that you’re “excluding” folks or “leaving money on the table” so that you can stop white-washing your business and start sharing your true, soul on fire message.

Skip the

White capitalism has taught us that ‘hustling’ is the only way to achieve your goals. Well boo, your burnout is not on my agenda! We’ll be focusing on how you can achieve more while doing less, and actually enjoying your business.

Getting You WAY More Visible

A white supremacist world has taught those of us with “diverse” identities that our words aren’t valuable and we should play small. No more, honey. Let’s release the bullshit keeping you quiet so you can shout your message from the rooftops.

Going Natural With Your Strategy

We’ll look at every facet of your business – your clients, your marketing, your social media – and filter out what you actually wanna do, and what’s just a product of white capitalism’s “shoulds”.

Scaling in Ethical, People-Centered Ways

There’s no “right” way to be an ethical leader as you grow your business – together, we’ll find your way of running your team and business that honors your people…and ensures that your needs are met, too.

Feeling Like I May Be The Right Coach For You?

Go ahead and apply, I'd love to have you!

“Revolutionary Rising literally made me come out of the closet and step into the light of my full identity.”

“Gieselle was able to tap into my blockages even when I couldn’t verbalize them myself. I made my first dollar in years with Revolutionary Rising and before the second month was over I had made my first thousand.”

Dalia Kinsey, Founder of Kinsey Wellness & Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to make sure you’re making the BEST possible decision for yourself and your business by applying to work with me.

And if you’re asking questions and giving me the critical side eye, good.

It means you’re looking out for yourself, and I can’t fault that.
So, I decided to answer some questions about working with me that you’re probably already thinking of!

What happens after I schedule a call?

Good question! Again, we want to make sure you’re the perfect fit before we move forward with coaching.

You heard me, not just a good fit, the perfect fit.

Yeah, I’m probably leaving money on the table by not accepting everyone, but that’s not what this is about for me.

This is about making sure that I’m the right person to help you on your journey of decolonization as you grow your business, and making sure that you’re a perfect fit for our sacred community.

I'm looking for a community, but I'm nervous about being vulnerable in a group program. Is this a good fit?
I want to say that I hear you and I see you. Typically, women and femmes of color who are attracted to this program have experiences of feeling othered in both white and POC communities. They tend to not feel “Black/Latina/Asian/South Asian/Indigenous enough.” We heal that wound in this community.

When you join Revolutionary Rising, you join a family of shared experiences, support, and unequivocal acceptance. We cultivate safety by agreeing to shared community agreements in how we show up and engage with one another.

I'm white-passing or mixed race. Is this the right community for me?
As long as you identify as a woman of color or femme of color, and you identify with the struggles we spoke about on this page, you are welcome in this community. We meet every woman of color where she is in her journey with her identity. You are enough, precious.
How much time and energy do I need to dedicate to the program?
One of our community agreements is that all members of our community attend their pod calls and community calls unless there is an absolute emergency. This is because it’s important to learn to show up for the community and for yourself.

Between pod calls, you can expect to spend 10 minutes daily doing your custom-assigned “homework” from your pod calls, and digging into the Revolutionary Rising coursework.

I’ll be honest, reversing years of colonization, internalized capitalism, patriarchy, and generations of fuckery ain’t going to be easy. It doesn’t happen overnight, and the true magic comes from the work you do in between sessions.

But on the other side? You’ll stand tall in your truth, run a business base fueled by your soul on fire, and you’ll do it without giving in to white capitalism.

What kind of folks join Revolutionary Rising?
You’re a good fit for Revolutionary Rising if…

  • You were socialized as female
  • You’re a changemaker, artist, creative, or coach.
  • You want to think critically about how capitalism, patriarchy, and white dominant culture impacts and impedes the way you do business
  • You want to serve the black and brown communities (though that’s not a requirement of the program)
  • You have a big heart
Will I get to talk every coaching call?
Yes – you will get the opportunity to have deep, customized coaching on every single call. Matter of fact, we will coach you if we notice you not bringing in topics each week. Think of us as your 1:1 mindset coaches – inside the best community of your life.
Will we talk about strategy in this program?
This is not a coaching program where we will tell you what to do in your business. That’s some patriarchal bullshit that we just don’t believe in.

We believe that you always know what’s best for you and your business. So if you bring in a strategy topic to the community, we will support you in finding the best answer for you, but we will very rarely tell you what to do.

We Can’t Thrive Alone!

The best part about building a Revolutionary life is knowing that your fam’s got your back. Join the Revolutionary Changemakers of Color Facebook group for women and femmes of color who want to create change, and do it THEIR way.

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