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Mar 1, 2023

If you’ve ever tried to “just push through” your fears of speaking up, likely one of two things happened:

You did it, and had a massive “vulnerability hangover” – aka you freaked out (and probably went silent again) for days, months or weeks after.
You freaked out (just a tiny bit!) before you could take the leap – and instead stayed paralyzed, silent, and stuck all over again.

If you’re like, “Ok, Gieselle – how are you in my mind?”

Normally, I would remind you that I am a wee bit psychic.

But I don’t need to use my intuition for this one – this shit is all science, baby.

See, when you’re showing up in a way that your nervous system deems to be safe…

…you speak up easily, don’t worry about what you said or what the other person thinks.

But when you’re experiencing paralysis or freaking out either before or after you’re speaking up…

…it’s because speaking up in this situation is outside of what your nervous system feels like it can handle.

As a result, your nervous system sends you lots of signals to say, DANGER! YOU’RE UNSAFE!

If that happens to you, instead of being frustrated, this is a cause to celebrate!

Your nervous system is functioning properly and won’t let you get eaten by a bear, or accidentally say “that’s some white people shit” when there’s a white person around.

But also, this can be super fucking frustrating because you’re a leader of color.

You need (and want!) to be seen in your full glory.

You’re tired of playing small, and holding back just because white folks, cis dudes, or folks you don’t feel entirely safe around are in the room.

If you want to feel safe to speak up, no matter who’s in the room, I have good (and kinda bad) news for you.

The good news is that it’s 100% possible to stretch your capacity to show up and be seen around people and in places that your nervous system previously deemed dangerous and unsafe.

I know, because me and my clients have been following my process for years, with a ton of success.

The bad news – is that it’s not an overnight fix, and it doesn’t involve “pushing through”.

If you’re ready to learn how, you definitely need to get on my calendar.

I can teach you the exact process that me and my clients have been using for years to stretch our capacity to show up and be seen…without freaking out, getting paralyzed, or having our nervous system pull the fire alarm along the way.

You’ll also learn:

👉🏿the systemic roots of why folks of color feel unsafe speaking up and being seen
👉🏿how your unique lived experiences directly impact your ability to speak up and be seen today

I’ll teach you, and you’ll practice the somatic, intuitive, and mindset tools you need to shift from constantly staying silent, to speaking up with a lot more ease.

We’ll begin the process of helping you feel safer speaking up no matter who is in the room or what they say….

…so that you never feel like you have to stay silent again, because you know that no matter how the other person reacts, you’re safe.

Get on my calendar today.


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