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Jun 29, 2023

I’m not sending a super long email today, because, well – I don’t want to, lol.

Something I’ve learned as I’ve healed my internalized capitalism is that a lot of the things we think we need to get done…

…actually, just really don’t.

Like seriously, everything will be just fine if you sit your ass down or take a bit of a shortcut.

Yes, the house might be messier – but you’ll be more rested.

Maybe you won’t get the promotion this year – but your mental health will improve and you’ll actually enjoy your life outside of work more.

Perhaps people will judge you for being “lazy” – but you’ll be able to participate in hobbies and do what you actually want.

I’m not saying this is easy – it’s actually really fucking tough (even for me!) because we are raised to view productivity as morally superior… 

….ESPECIALLY if you want to be seen as a “good” adult, wife, mother, business owner, leader, etc.

(I typically try to stay away from gendered language in these emails, but it’s important to name gendered roles here because the impact of patriarchy on folks socialized as women is real.)

Here’s the truth…

Every day, with every action you’re taking, you’re making choices.

When you do laundry instead of taking a nap, you’re prioritizing having clean clothes over feeling rested.

When you work instead of leaning into your hobbies, you’re prioritizing making money over your joy.

Sometimes, that might feel like a choice you’re happy with.

Other times, if you take a second and really intentionally think about it – you’ll realize that choice is not right for you…it’s just the choice you feel like you should make or you’re used to making.

So, here’s the thing to think about :

What choices are YOU making with your actions each day?


What are you saying yes to…and what are you saying to as a result?

And are you happy with those choices?

If yes: I’m celebrating you!

And if not – this is your sign to make new choices (and heal the internalized capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy that stop you from making the right choices for you.)

As always – if you need help with that, I’d love to support you via 1:1 coaching.




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