So, is hustling really worth it?

Sep 17, 2020

If you know anything about me, you know my #1 hustle when it comes to business is saying no to the idea of ‘the hustle.’

Entrepreneurship should be about equal energy exchange, reconnecting with your community, and marketing based on relationships, not numbers.

And today’s guest on Revolutionary Rising, Nadia De Ala is the EPITOME of all of those things.

Nadia is a leadership coach for WOC in Tech and the co-founder of ‘Let’s Get Hella Rich’, a membership for WOC entrepreneurs looking to get rich in time, money and joy.

And apart from allll of that, she’s also my soul sister, both in AND out of business.

And y’all, I rely on her more than you will ever know.

Nadia is a first-generation American and understands the importance of representation, needing permission from yourself as a WOC to go after your goals, and saying ‘fuck you’ to the system.

And more than anything, she understands the value of rest and relaxation in business. Even though her work right now is fully aligned with her passion and values, she doesn’t want her life to be about working around the damn clock just because that’s what she was told to do as an entrepreneur.

And that’s a message I’m realllyyy hoping she gets across to y’all today!

So tune into Episode 4 of Revolutionary Rising to hear two best friends talk about the importance of finding your WOC community, charging thriving rates, #blm, and much, much more.

If you’re looking for that person to tell you it’s a-okay to step back and take that day off, Nadia is your girl!

Until next time,

P.S. – Realizing you need to sit your ass down and chill a whole lot more in your business? Honey, join the club.

But seriously – helping my clients create more balance and peace in their business is one of my favorite things to do. So, if you want support on how to balance your thriving business and a thriving, restful life, schedule a call with me to chat about working together 1:1.

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