step 1 to mending your relationship with $$$ ASAP

Dec 24, 2020Revolutionary Rising Podcast

While browsing through today’s guest’s Instagram, I came across a quote that might’ve just changed my life:

Making a money mistake doesn’t make you bad at money

You have NO idea how physically relieved I was to read that.

Unless you do.

Because as a WFOC, it’s highly likely that your relationship with money has always been strained (to put it hellaaa lightly), what with generational money trauma, struggling with charging your audience higher rates, and trying to move away from the capitalist agenda.

Precious, I’ve been there, and I’m still figuring my mojo with $$$ out.

Which is why reading the above caption and chatting with today’s guest, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, was SO necessary.

And why I think it’s perfect for you too.

Lindsay is a financial therapist (more on that later) and a true, true truth-teller. As a Scorpio rising (like ya girl!), she isn’t afraid to speak out against things and institutions that are harmful. She’s also a passionate mental health advocate, which ties greatly into her work as a financial therapist.

Lindsay focuses on a ‘shame-free’ relationship with money and uses her clinical social work background to guide her into trying to help heal money-related wounds in her clients. She tries to help them see that money mistakes do not reflect on their ability to make or manage them.

In today’s episode, Lindsay goes deep and talks about:

  • why so many WFOC have money traumas
  • the spiritual bypassing in ‘money mindset’ programs
  • the importance of tailoring your money decisions to YOUR needs
  • the difference between guilt and shame

and SO much more.

If all of that is calling out your name, it’s for a reason. And Lindsay might just be the person to help heal your wounds and actually give yourself permission to cultivate a healthy relationship with money.

And once you’re done, I’d love to hear the steps you’ve taken (or ones that you’re planning to take) to cut yourself some slack and heal your money wounds!

Until next time,


PS – Unpacking money trauma issues isn’t easy. While Lindsay’s advice is the perfect start, if you want a safe space to unpack your thoughts with a nurturing community of fellow WFOC, I’d love to see you in my Revolutionary Rising group program! Check out the details here

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