Stop Doing This Right Now If You Want To Make More Money, Faster

May 21, 2020

Here’s the one thing you have to stop doing if you want to make more money, faster:

Telling yourself that your ideal client isn’t in your current audience or network.

Right now, you’re not making the kind of money that you want to make, and you’re telling yourself that it’s because the folks who follow you right now can’t, or won’t pay.

You’ve also probably decided that you’ve got to find new folks who can afford you.

If you’re doing this – STOP IT RIGHT NOW.


Because when you think your person isn’t in your network, it’ll impact the way you show up.

You won’t bother making posts, doing live videos, or promoting your programs and events.

You’ll focus so much on audience building, that you won’t nurture who’s already there.

And if you were to actually show up…honey, there are people who’d be just waiting for you to start selling.

I’ll never stop saying this, because it’ll never stop being true:

You’ve gotta pay attention to, and start questioning your thoughts.

(Yes, even the rational seeming ones!)

Because what you think impacts the way that you feel.

And the way that you feel impacts the way you act.

Your actions impact how much money you do (or don’t) make…

…so if you’ve got bullshit on your mind, you’re going to be one broke coach, boo.

If you’re still reading this right now and you’re thinking, “Gieselle, but really, I’m special! My audience really DOESN’T have the people who will buy from me!”

#1 – I promise you, you’ve got a mindset issue, not a strategic issue.

#2 – I challenge you to hit reply to this email, and I’ll help you figure out who is in your audience and if you truly need to audience build, or just sell to who’s already there!

Are you accepting my challenge?



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