Stop Feeling Guilty About Rest

Oct 5, 2023Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Here’s something we don’t talk about enough in regards to rest:

Sometimes, you’re not exhausted because you’re working long hours, or spending a ton of time on something.

You’re exhausted because the thing that you’re doing, while short-lived, is emotionally draining.

My client, who has chosen to stay anonymous for this episode, has been kind enough to share her story and what she’s learned in her experience of learning to rest more.


In this episode, we talk about:

👉🏿the surprising reason so many folks are burnt out

👉🏿a small practice that helped her stop feeling guilty/shameful for not doing enough

👉🏿how she stopped feeling shame when she didn’t have capacity for everything they “should” do

👉🏿the truth about emotional labor and how much it impacts you as a BIPOC leader

👉🏿how to do more of what you WANT to do instead of what you SHOULD DO


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