struggle to take time off? Here’s why

Aug 25, 2021

I’ve been feeling some type of way this week…

…because I’m taking the next two weeks off.

I should be excited, thrilled, even-

But instead, I’m facing a ton of resistance.


Because I don’t have a “good” reason to take time off.

I’m not going out of town, I don’t have big plans.

I’m just doing it because, well, I can.

(and because, if we’re being honest, I’m tired as hell.)

I know I’m not alone here.

I know you also struggle to take time off.

(hell, you probably even struggle to take small breaks during the day)

When you finally allow yourself to take the break you need, you likely feel a little guilty…

Because you “should” be working….
You didn’t really need that time off
There’s so many “money-making” or “care-giving” activities that you should be doing

The list goes on and on.

Let’s talk about why it’s so hard for us to sit our asses down.

Spoiler alert: it’s capitalism.

Capitalism teaches us from an early age that our worth & value as a human being lies exclusively in our ability to produce.

We are only as valuable as the amount of money we make….

…and as folks who were socialized as women, we are also simultaneously only as valuable as the amount of caretaking that we do. (But don’t you dare ask for money for that!)

Capitalism teaches you that your work is your identity. (Think about how quickly you ask someone what they do when you meet them.)

Lately, it’s even conned us into believing that our work should be our purpose.

It’s no wonder that you feel uncomfortable taking time off, because when we view ourselves through capitalism’s lens (which we always do), if we aren’t working then we are:

  • Worthless
  • Not providing value to the world & our families
  • Purposeless
  • Ignoring a big part of our identity

(And all of this is without considering how capitalism teaches us that we have to work constantly because “success” looks like constant financial growth- and if we take time off & allow ourselves to plateau, we are suddenly failures.)

Damn, when you look at it that way, it’s no wonder we struggle to take time off.

But here’s what I know.

You are NOT interested in working 24/7 for the rest of your life.

You know that traditional “success” doesn’t lead to the happiness we’ve been promised-

-if you thought it did, you wouldn’t be reading this email.

You know that our ancestors worked hard so that we would have better lives & opportunities, not so that we could work ourselves into the fucking ground as well.

You know the best way to honor your ancestors is to sit your ass down as much as possible, because if they could have, they would have.

So, how do you do it?

  1. Notice when you’re resisting taking time off & mark it as internalized capitalism (no matter how “rational” it seems)
  2. Ask yourself, “what am I worried will happen if I take a break?” If you’re up for it, write it all down.
  3. Once you know what you’re worried about- mark it as unhelpful. Even if the thought is true/ feels true… it’s unhelpful if it stops you from resting/ taking care of yourself.
  4. Choose a more helpful thought that feels true for right now.
  5. Rinse, wash, & repeat this process whenever your internalized capitalism pops up

If you follow this process, I promise you – you will start feeling like it’s possible to rest more, and take time off…

…without feeling guilty, like a failure, or just like you’re lazy as hell.

But I’ll be honest-

This shit takes time.

It takes reinforcement.

And if you’ve got money trauma or generational trauma that leads you to chase after money & traditional success….

… no amount of choosing new, helpful thoughts is going to help you, because there’s real ass trauma that needs to be resolved.

(and in case you didn’t know, as a person of color, you very likely have generational trauma around capitalism, because this entire system was built on our blood, sweat, & tears.)

Are you ready to rest guilt free?

Are you ready to feel like you’re worth more than your work?

Are you ready to release the hold that internalized capitalism has on you?

If so, then we should talk about working together.

Through highly individualized coaching, I support women & femmes of color to rest, enjoy their lives, have more fun & joy…. without going broke in the process.

Throughout our time working together, I show you the tools you need to overcome internalized capitalism, now and for the rest of your life.

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