The B Word

Sep 28, 2023Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Today we’re talking about the B word… Not that one! The other one, BOUNDARIES.

Boundaries are really fucking hard for almost all of us (myself included, sometimes!) because we live in a society where having personal boundaries is thought of as being selfish.

In today’s episode of the podcast, I break down why: 

👉🏿working on your ability to create & uphold boundaries is essential to rest

👉🏿you have to learn how to create & uphold boundaries with yourself

👉🏿you have to work on building your confidence to be better with boundaries


I also go into a LOT of the “how” in this episode.


I share:

👉🏿my tried and true tool for helping clients get clear on what they ACTUALLY have capacity for

👉🏿 a trick to help you feel confident that you’ve done “enough” and deserve to enforce your boundaries

👉🏿mindset shifts to help you navigate when folks push back against your boundaries


There’s 100% something even the most boundaried person in the world could take away from today’s episode.


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