the best thing I did in 2020

Dec 29, 2020

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve made some MAJOR mistakes this year (more on that later).

But, I join my hands and thank every spiritual being out there that I had the courage to take ONE important, extremely positive decision.

A decision I went back and forth on a million times but one that ultimately helped me thrive, shifted the energy of my business, and gave me a fresh perspective.


That’s right honey, this year, I fired my business coach.


And let me reiterate, it was NOT easy.

In entrepreneurship spaces created by white folks, there’s this toxic idea that you need to hire an expert when you don’t know how to do something yourself.

I don’t fully disagree with that, but…

…over the course of the past year, I learned something crucial – no one is fucking coming to save you.

Nobody knows my business better than I do. And these past months have helped me realize that I needed to trust my own intuition, understand what’s ‘right’ for my own vision, and not be dictated by what others tell me to do.

Remember honey, you always know what to do and you always have the answers.


So, make it your 2021 resolution to sit into your body, lean into your intuition, and connect with the part of yourself that knows what’s true for YOU.


That’s how you find answers from within.

Reject colonized ideas that tell you that you always need a holier-than-thou expert to teach you what your business needs.

That’s just bullshit, and deep down, you know it.

So, instead of throwing your money at other people and their strategies, take 10 minutes, sit down with a cup of your favorite tea, and truly listen to yourself. Be patient and honor what you hear in return.

It may feel slow and scary at first, but it’s actually the fastest, most intentional way forward.

Take it from someone who’s been there, done that.


Now, I pass the mic on to you! What’s been the best decision you’ve taken this year to get closer to running a revolutionary business?


Until next time,


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