The Confidence Catalyst

A 9 week experience for leaders of color who are ready to go from anxious & overthinking to confident and clear-minded so that you can have better boundaries, stop thinking about work in your free time, and lead in a way that feels authentic to you, your culture, and your beliefs. 

Beginning on Monday, May 6, 2024

The Confidence Catalyst

A 9 week experience for leaders of color who are ready to go from anxious & overthinking to confident and clear-minded so that you can have better boundaries, stop thinking about work in your free time, and lead in a way that feels authentic to you, your culture, and your beliefs. 

Beginning on Monday, May 6, 2024

Real Talk: It’s Really Fucking Hard to Be a Leader of Color


Every day, you’re faced with impossible decisions as a leader of color who wants to simultaneously:

  • take good care of your team
  • get shit done
  • not burn out in the process

Right now, it likely feels like when you try to balance the human-centered way you’d like to lead with the capitalist, white-supremacist world that your organization needs to function within, you just can’t win.

You either focus too much on the human-centered side and it impacts your outcomes, or you lean into efficiency and it impacts your relationships and morale.

It makes you overthink every decision and question yourself constantly, because you’re always wondering:
“Am I doing the right thing?”
“Am I doing enough?”

And if you’re being honest, you’re really fucking afraid that the answer to that question is a resounding no.

Leadership doesn’t have to feel this way


It’s 100% possible to feel confident in your decisions and in your ability to lead as a person of color.

Here’s what you need to get there:

  • A thought partner who understands the unique challenges you face as a leader of color, and can help guide you to the right answers for you and your team
  • A community of like-minded leaders of color who are navigating the same organizational, relational, and emotional challenges as you
  • A space where you, your ideas, and your voice as a leader is affirmed
  • Individualized tools and resources designed specifically for YOU to help you feel more confident in your decisions, boundaries, and actions as a leader

👆🏿This level of support is game changing, and it’s what you’ll get during the nine weeks we’ll spend together during The Confidence Catalyst.

With all of this support, you’ll stop questioning yourself constantly, and overworking because you’re worried that what you do isn’t enough.

Instead, you’ll trust yourself, your decisions, and your instincts. You’ll know that what you get done and how you do it is more than enough.

You’ll feel less stressed when you’re at work AND you’ll stop ruminating on your work in your free time, so that you can finally be present with the people you love.

So, how do you feel more confident as a leader of color?


It starts with changing the ways you think about and see yourself.

A white supremacist, capitalist world has trained you from an early age to feel like you’re not good enough, “too much”, and your natural ways of speaking and being are just plain wrong.

If you want to stop overthinking, questioning yourself, and start seeing yourself the way that other people see you, you have to do the intentional work to start shifting what the world has been convincing you of for decades.

That’s why I created this course specifically for leaders of color.

See, the ways people talk about being a confident and capable leader are white-washed as fuck.

They ignore the fact that most of your lack of confidence as a leader of color is actually just internalized white supremacy culture and capitalism.

They don’t consider the fact that your identities and the way you were raised may impact the way you show up and feel as a leader.

And they definitely never talk about how much of BIPOC’s struggles with leadership relate to racial, intergenerational, and workplace trauma.


Here’s what you need instead:

✊🏿 to learn how your intersectional identities impact the ways you feel about yourself, your leadership, and what you’re capable of

✊🏿 leadership advice that integrates your cultural values & beliefs

✊🏿 tools & resources to help you challenge the internalized white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy that lives in your mind rent-free

so that you can finally see that you and the way you want to lead are correct, possible, and the best thing for you and the people that you lead.

That’s why The Confidence Catalyst is centered around these three principles – because you deserve support that is designed specifically for a leader like you.

Learning leadership tools that center your BIPOC identity really matters because…

If the advice you’ve been given in the past is ignoring your entire identity as a person of color…

…well, how the fuck is it supposed to work?

It’s SO important that the confidence building strategies you’re doing works, because as a leader of color, I know that this isn’t just about you.

This is about:

Your team

  • the other folks of color in your organization
  • the individuals your organization serves
  • the next generation of BIPOC leaders

You need to be more confident so that you can do better work, and create more impact for your community, too.


This is why I created The Confidence Catalyst – because this isn’t just about me and you.
This is about providing a better future for everyone in our communities.

I need you to hear this:

It’s possible to:

  • experience less anxiety
  • make decisions quickly, and with ease
  • celebrate yourself + your work more
  • feel less overwhelmed
  • have way less stress
  • feel way more confident

Hell, you might even experience that mythical thing called peace.

I know, because I’ve helped hundreds of clients experience all of these same things…

…and I’ve done it by walking them through everything you’ll experience in The Confidence Catalyst.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Eight “Mindset Monday” Sessions

In these live, 60 minute mindset support sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to be supported in whatever is impacting your confidence as a leader. Bring a question or something you’re struggling with, and I’ll give you live, individualized support live via laser coaching. I’ll also provide you with a custom resource or exercise that’s specifically designed for you and your needs.

These sessions can be even better than a 1:1 session – because you won’t just learn from your time with me…you’ll get to learn from everyone else’s questions, too. 

Each Mindset Monday Session, You’ll Walk Away With:

  • Answers to any and all leadership & confidence you have
  • Tools to get rid of any mindfuckery you’re currently experiencing
  • Perspective shifts to help you to go from anxious and overwhelmed to calm AF
  • Community support – you’ll finally know that you’re not alone and other BIPOC leaders experience the exact same thing 

Mindset Monday sessions will take place on Mondays @ 3pm ET/12PM PT, beginning the second week of the program (Monday, May 13th).

Antoinette Placides

“This is one of the best life changing decisions you will ever make in this lifetime. Gieselle’s support is so generous, extremely intentional and strong. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Through this work, I learned to love myself in a huge way. I am now able to determine feelings/traumas/habits/instincts that are truly mine vs. the ones that are created by white people to make me feel less/not enough so I can buy into whatever they are selling.”

– Antoinette

Eight Weekly Lessons

Each week, you’ll receive an interactive lesson and workbook that will walk you through a different part of my signature confidence building process. These will include short, interactive exercises that you can practice as much or as little as you’d like.

Some of the topics we’ll cover…

Creating Awareness

In this lesson, we’ll get you to the point where you’re noticing & marking your unhelpful thoughts immediately – so that you can start doing the work to challenge those thoughts immediately.

Learn More

This will help you:

  • Notice what thoughts show up for you, and when – so that you can be proactive with your mindset tools later on
  • Begin categorizing “sneaky” or “logical” negative thoughts as unhelpful, so you start fighting them instead of believing them
  • Start noticing when you’re feeling less confident quickly, instead of being in a funk for days

White Supremacy Culture + Confidence

In this lesson, we’ll look at how white supremacy culture & capitalism intersect with your mindset, so that you can understand how much of your lack of confidence is related to negative messaging you’ve received based on your identities.

Learn More

This will help you:

  • Understand where white supremacy & capitalism show up in your unhelpful thoughts – so you can stop blaming yourself for your lack of confidence
  • Begin to challenge the internalized white supremacy + capitalism that impacts you on a daily basis
  • Stop blaming yourself for your lack of confidence, and instead blame the systems that have made you feel this way

Reframing + Evidence

In this lesson, we’ll help you create evidence that you should feel confident in your leadership, and practice shifting out of your anxiety and into a more self-assured, peaceful place.

Learn More

This will help you:

  • Interrupt the cycles of negative thoughts that keep you feeling like you’re not “good enough” as a leader of color
  • Create more helpful and motivating thoughts that make you feel more confident
  • See that you already have tons of evidence that you should feel good about yourself and your leadership

Getting Intimate With Intuition

In this lesson, I’ll help you access & trust your intuition, so that you can stop gaslighting and questioning yourself, and make better decisions, faster.

Learn More

This will help you:

  • Stop questioning if you can trust your internal voice – because you know which one to listen to
  • Make decisions quicker, because you know when a decision is coming from a place of intuition
  • Integrate your spiritual practice (if you have one) to help you find peace in your mind

Silencing Your “Inner Critic”

In this lesson, I’ll teach you one of my most powerful tools for you to silence your inner critic and to stop believing the judgemental, self-esteem killing things it says to you.

Learn More

This will help you:

  • Recognize unhelpful thoughts even faster so that you can fight them faster
  • Start questioning the negative, or unhelpful thoughts you think (even if they’re true!)
  • Stop believing all of the judgemental, punishing things you say to yourself

Confidence & The Body

In this lesson, we’ll look at how to identify how your thoughts are making you feel, and how to be with those feelings and discharge them from your body, so you stop feeling stuck in the emotion.

Learn More

This will help you:

  • Feel more comfortable sitting with difficult emotions
  • Get rid of anxious/fearful/sad energy in your body in 5 minutes or less
  • Ensure that you’re utilizing the right tools to heal what’s actually going on for you – whether it’s mindset or a deeper trauma

Recovery Tools + Celebration

Sometimes, your mindset fucks up you whole energy – in this lesson, you’ll work on creating your unique toolbox of “recovery tools” that help you go from feeling a whole mess, to feeling whole again.

Learn More

This will help you:

  • See all of your successes and wins on a daily basis (you have a ton, I promise!)
  • Get out of a funk and feel centered again
  • Experience more nourishment and joy in your daily life

Creating Your Unique Mindset Practice

You’ve got all the tools – now, it’s time to create a mindset practice that YOU can actually sustain, and will do every day!

Learn More

This will help you:

  • Create a daily mindset practice that you’ll use for the rest of your life
  • Find your “quick fixes” that you can use in moments when you can’t do your entire process
  • Make sure your mindset is never a problem for you again

After The Confidence Catalyst,
you’ll be able to…


  • Feel more confident
  • Experience more peace
  • Stop second guessing yourself

Without having to invest in a ton of coaching or therapy, and do hours of mindset work on the daily.


There’s No Time To Waste, Precious

Every day that you move forward without feeling more confident is a day where you’re making less impact – because you’re holding yourself back from the big swings you need to take to get where you’re meant to go.





“I’ve spent a lot of money learning skills and to improve myself, but this is the best money I’ve ever spent.

If you are a BIPOC who has all these doubts in your head about, ‘Are you good enough? Are you ever going to make it? Are you crazy? Should you be expressing yourself?

If you have imposter syndrome and want mindset changes, go to Gieselle.

If your story is similar to mine where you are an immigrant with an accent who’s come to this country with dreams and aspirations and only to find out that you have to try. Twice, thrice, four times as hard to get noticed.

If that’s been your experience, go to Gieselle, work with her. It’s going to change your life”

– Anuja

The Confidence Catalyst

Mondays, beginning May 6, 2024

Investment: $197 USD

Payment Plans Available
- Eleanor V




“#WIN should be the name of this program, because through my work with Gieselle, I feel I WON a lot. First, I got more comfortable with slowing down and hearing my intuition. I learned how to actively challenge my beliefs and old stories, in a way that brought in acceptance and nurturing.

I feel stronger than I have in a while. I feel myself coming back to me and trusting myself more, which is beyond what I thought. Gieselle is the TRUTH.”

– Danielle


- Eleanor V
Brigida Swanson

“This is the best investment I’ve made in myself.

If you have a nudge that working with Gieselle might be right for you, then it’s true that it is. Participate fully, do the work, and you will gain so much more than you’ve expected.”

– Brigida
- Eleanor V

“After working with Gieselle, I have personal power and I love the work that I do.

Working with Gieselle is worth the investment in money and time. As WOC, it is a complex weave of roadblocks, issues, systems, etc that we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes all at once. And, having Gieselle as a coach, you will never feel alone or crazy. She is strong, direct, loving, kind, empathetic — all the qualities that you need in someone who can help you maneuver in this journey of life as a WOC.”

– Eleanor
- Eleanor V
Kat M.

“Working with Gieselle was one of best decisions I’ve ever made.

She is compassionate yet very straight forward. She knows how to help you cut through the bullshit to get to the root of what’s going on. The results and breakthroughs you get really last because she coaches you to figure it out for yourself. I know how to integrate, problem solve and listen to my intuition now. That’s one of the biggest gifts I could have ever gotten from Gieselle.

Because of the mindset work I did with Gieselle, my relationship with myself is night and day from before. My relationship with my business is different too. I have more confidence that I know what I’m doing and can do it. With the help of Gieselle, I realized that rest is a money making activity. I am at my best when I’m filled up and that works for my business.”

– Kat
Kat M.

“One thing that Gieselle has opened my mind to, which has shifted SO much for me is that anything and everything I want is possible. I see EVIDENCE of this everywhere now.

I have learned so much during this process, my business has gone from being the source of endless daily mind-fuckery, to being a source of both financial support and a community connection.”

– Andrea
Kat M.
Elle R.

“I’m so grateful for Gieselle. If I could always have her in my back pocket I would but she’s helped me learn to trust myself and do what feels right for me — what coach does that?

I used to be paralyzed by the thoughts rolling around in my head but working with Gieselle helped me see through those limiting beliefs. I have been able to show up more in my business because of it. The community of women who share their mindset experiences and support mine make participating in this all the more valuable! I highly recommend it!”

– Junielle
Elle R.

“When working with Gieselle, expect to grow in ways you never thought possible.

Gieselle’s coaching turns you inside out and sets you up not just for success in business, but in life too. Beyond the company, I know that I am a better person because I worked with Gieselle.”

– Shivika
Elle R.
Elle R.

“This work literally made me come out of the closet and step into the light of my full identity.

This has been a transformational experience. Before working with Gieselle, I was convinced that coaching programs were all bullshit. Working with a WOC focused on decolonizing my mindset is unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have been transformed.”

– Dalia

If you lean fully into our work together, here’s what I will promise:


  • You will finally feel confident.
  • You will take more chances.
  • You will feel less stressed.
  • You will have more joy.
  • You will feel more ease.
  • You will feel more fulfilled.
  • You will be more visible and outspoken.
  • You will stop questioning yourself.
  • You will know what is your stuff, and what belongs to capitalism and white supremacy.
  • You will be on a path to creating the life, business, and leadership you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

I feel confident promising this because these are the results my clients consistently experience after working together.

The Confidence Catalyst

Mondays, beginning May 6, 2024

Investment: $197 USD

Payment Plans Available

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the schedule for our course?

Your eight weekly lessons will drop in your inbox on Mondays @ 10am ET, beginning Monday, May 6th

Your eight weekly mindset calls will be Mondays @ 3pm ET/12pm ET, beginning on May 13th*

You’ll notice calls start a week after the first lesson drops – that’s so that you have a week to practice each lesson before our next Mindset Monday call.

*Please note that our weekly mindset call for May 27th will take place on Tuesday, May 28th @ 3PM ET/12PM PT to honor Memorial Day in the United States

I’ve done mindset work before - will I learn anything new here?

Absolutely – literally, even if you’ve done that mindset work with me! My mindset teachings incorporate spirituality, embodiment/somatic work, and integrate your intersectional identities.

You may have done mindset work before, but you’ve never done it in a way that’s as holistic, trauma-informed, and BIPOC-centered as what I’m offering here.

I’m overwhelmed right now - how much work will this be each week?

Honestly, this can be as little or as much work as you want it to be. The coursework is designed for you to do without being able to attend the live sessions, and if you want to just come to the live sessions and get individualized support without ever touching the workbooks, you’ll get a ton out of that, too.

You’ll have access to these resources for the rest of your life – so even just signing up to use them later will be super valuable to you.

Please, lawd, do not let the idea of “I want to dive in fully” stop you from signing up and getting as much as you’re ready to receive RIGHT NOW. Because that amount, even if it’s not the full experience, may be a game changer for you and your mindset.

I’ll have to miss a session - will this be recorded?

Yes, this will be recorded and replays will be shared with everyone who signed up!

I’m white or white presenting - can I join this program?

If you identify as white, or aren’t sure if you identify as a person of color, this experience isn’t for you.

If you identify as a person of color but are white presenting, feel free to sign up. I will be sending out an intake form for all attendees and I will be having conversations with all white-presenting individuals before the program starts to ensure that you attending this experience will be safe for everyone, myself included.

Do I need to be a woman to join this?

Nope! While this space will be woman heavy (it’s just who comes into my world) you are more than welcome into this space, no matter how you identify.

We will make sure pronouns are included in everyone’s zoom name, and I am vigilant about maintaining a gender-neutral space as much as possible. You don’t have to worry about being misgendered or being unprotected when harm occurs.

How big will the group be?

I can’t guarantee the size, but I will say that my programs tend to have less than 10 people live during each live session (especially after the first couple of weeks!) So there will be LOTS of room to receive support.

Who is this course for?

This course is applicable to all kinds of leaders of color.

You’re a great fit for this course if you are a:

🔥new or aspiring leader
🔥executive director
🔥a person of color, who really wants to feel more confident on a day-to-day basis.

Everything that I’m teaching in this course can be applied to all different kinds of leadership in many different organizations, and I’ll be leaving plenty of space for you to ask questions about your specific type of leadership.

So if anything that I’ve said in these emails has resonated with you over the last couple of weeks, I invite you to sign up.

I promise you, you’ll fit right in.

This sounds great but I’m not ready right now - when will you offer it again?

Honestly, I have zero idea when I’ll do this again. If I had to guess, it’ll likely happen in Spring of 2025. So if you don’t want to wait a year, I’d just sign up.

Will I get individual time and coaching in this experience?

Yes! During “Mindset Mondays,” there’s zero teaching – it’s all support. I’m anticipating that we’ll be a smaller group, and sometimes folks won’t have questions – so you can expect that if you need or want support, you’ll get it.

How will you ensure safety during this experience?

I have a set of community guidelines that I will be enforcing (with love!) I also have a clear feedback loop for you to report if you have felt harmed by me, or someone in the community. I will do my best to restore safety for all individuals in the space, and if I can’t restore safety, I will find a resolution that we all agree is best.

I hold other marginalized identities outside of my race - will I be represented and held in those identities in this space?

Yes. I have experience working with Immigrants, Children of Immigrants, Third Culture Kids, and Queer Folx. As well as individuals who are, Neurodivergent Folx, Disabled folx, Chronically ill folx, Folx who struggle with mental illness, Parents, and the list goes on.

I will center and hold all of your identities, and will do my best to shape every experience to be accessible for folks of all abilities. Before the experience, we’ll send out an intake form – please let me know if there are any special needs or requests you have, and I will do everything in our power to accommodate them.

Do you have more testimonials?

Ya! Like, a thousand lol.

1. Check out episode 39, episode 41, and episode 43 of my podcast, where two of my former clients are sharing their stories of working with me.

2. You can also check out two other podcast episodes I did with former clients Sarah + Vale, and former client Dalia where we talked about their experiences working with me.

Here’s what I will say: 

My number one priority when working with someone is to make sure that they feel like they’ve gotten their money’s worth (and more!) from our work together.

If you ever feel like that’s not the case, I create feedback loops for you to share that with me and for us to fix it – and if we can’t, we’ll end our relationship. (Because sometimes it just isn’t a fit and that’s okay!)

I know that the folks who are paying me are folks of color – and I take that seriously, because I know that funds are precious to us in our community, and often it’s a massive leap of faith to spend it with me.

Can I ask you a specific question?

Sure! Just send me a quick note over email: hello@gieselleallen.com

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