The Fire’s Been Lit

Sep 8, 2020

I’m not gonna lie, hitting record on the first episode of this podcast was one of the most terrifying things I’ve done in years. And trust me y’all, doing things that scare the shit out of me is basically my modus operandi.

But, I knew I had to push through, hit play, and speak my truth.

Our lives are defined by moments where we’re petrified, intimidated, confused, panicked, and alarmed ALL at the same time.

But when ya girl’s scared, she takes action.

And that’s exactly what I wanted to touch on today.

Y’all probably think: “Gieselle’s got her life figured out, she’s living the dream, she owns her Blackness loud and proud”

Welllll, that ain’t exactly true.

One of the biggest struggles in my life has been learning how to accept my identity as a WOC in a world that’s so desperate to tear it down.

In the very first episode of Revolutionary Rising, I talk about my journey from that weird Black kid who never had a place in the playground, to a grown Black woman finally not only found her place…but made space for others.

Haters and white supremacists be damned.

Let’s keep it 100, the world is never going to be kind to us, we’ve all got internalized fears and bullshit baggage to wade through.

But through my journey, I wanna show ALLL of y’all that it’s possible to be positively trembling with fear and still take that first step.

And since you’re (hopefully!) going to be listening to me yap on every week, you deserve an introduction to who Gieselle really is. Insecurities and all.

So girl, whatcha’ waiting for? Go ahead and listen to the episode [HERE] and tell me, when it comes to hard things are you waiting to pack up and get the hell outta dodge when things get tough? Or, are you creating enough room for failure?

Until next week,


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