The Key to Doing Less As a Leader of Color w/ Jaya

Sep 21, 2023Revolutionary Rising Podcast

When Jaya and I started working together, they had been burnt out since their teens.

(You read that right, their TEENS)

Jaya leads a department for tech-driven programming a social justice nonprofit. Previously, they have run marketing and advertising campaigns at a number of startups and nonprofits over six years.

And even though they had just had their most successful career yet…

…internally, they were hitting a breaking point.

  • They still felt like they weren’t enough.
  • They couldn’t celebrate themselves.
  • They were working seven days a week for months on end.

And their burnout had become physical, leaving them with chronic headaches and stomach issues.

Sounds pretty dire, right? It was.

Jaya now considers themselves recovered from burnout – after over a decade of pain.

They are no longer working twice as hard – matter of fact, they’re working way less. while still delivering excellent results at work.

Listen in to find out how Jaya did it!


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