The Most Important Episode

Dec 1, 2022Revolutionary Rising Podcast

As folks of color, it’s not uncommon for us to start our businesses because we hit (racist) walls in the corporate world.

The only problem?

Most of the time…we start our businesses being that same shitty boss we tried to escape.

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing the ultimate key to being loud, being real, and being seen:

Doing it your own damn way.

(Seriously, don’t even do mine!)

This is why, when I recorded today’s episode of the Revolutionary Rising Podcast, I gave it a bold name:

The Most Important Episode

Because the truth is, nothing else I’ve told you throughout this season is going to matter if you’re still accidentally implementing it through this white supremacist, patriarchal lens.

I’ll also be talking about how you: 

  • Don’t have to hustle to be loud, real, and be seen
  • Can be super private (or shy!) and still be fully expressed
  • Can start implementing YOUR unique way of being loud, real, and seen


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