The revolution is coming…

Sep 4, 2020

Stay in your lane, don’t rock the boat, take what you’re given and don’t complain.

Well, I’m calling bullshit.

And I bet you are too.

Times are changing. There’s momentum building…I feel it in my bones.

Something that has become crystal clear for me is that this revolution isn’t complete until folx of color are truly liberated.

For women and femme of color entrepreneurs, that means being liberated in our mind, our message, and our business.

There’s a lot of folx out here still talking directly to white folx and how they should act….

…there’s a lot of folks talking about how we can be anti-racist.

…but there’s just not enough people talking about how we can truly unleash our fully liberated businesses…and souls.

This is exactly why I created my new podcast, Revolutionary Rising.

The podcasts features stories of women and femmes of color decolonizing their minds, rediscovering their multicultural voices, and building thriving businesses that are true to themselves (none of that love and light BS)

It also will be full of episodes where I share my personal decolonization journey, what I’m learning, and how you can begin to decolonize and liberate your mind, business, and message as well.

Because here’s the tea: we need more safe spaces where women and femmes of color in business can discover what it means to run a business that aligns with your values (and pays your bills) without being preached at by a homogeneous group of white cis-women telling us to just ‘hustle harder’.

The first episode was supposed to drop on September 8th…but since you’re in my community, you can take a sneak peek right fucking now! On my first episode, I’ll be talking about why I found it hard to feel like a “good” Black person. It’s real, raw, and honestly, kinda scary to talk about.

If you’re ready for a podcast made FOR you (it’s about damn time), subscribe to Revolutionary Rising to get notified when new episodes drop.

You can find us on:

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The revolution will not be televised

But it will be podcasted.


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