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Mar 23, 2022

A couple of weeks ago I was preparing for my interview on The Manifest Edit podcast, and Efia had asked me a really interesting question…

“How has your relationship with revolutionary leadership impacted the way you’ve built and managed your business?”

And the honest answer is – it’s changed a lot between 2021 and now.

In 2021, I was performing revolutionary leadership in the typical ways.

I was putting clients first, and myself last in so many places.

I was trying not to hurt people – and learned the hard way that honestly, even when you do your best, you really can’t anticipate what’s going to hurt most folks.

I was standing on my perfect “revolutionary leader” pedestal – and found out how lonely, exhausting, and thankless it can be when that’s the platform you’re on top of.

This year, my revolutionary leadership is focused on…well, me.

(As it fucking should be, because if you remember nothing else from this email, remember that women, femmes, and nonbinary folx of color centering themselves in life, business, and leadership IS revolutionary.)

In my conversation with Efia from the Manifest Edit podcast, I spilled all the tea on the changes I’m making as a result of my, well, less than fun, experiences as a revolutionary leader last year.

Wanna hear? You can listen to it here.

In addition to that, I also talked about:

  • the sneaky ways that internalized capitalism impacts even the most revolutionary of leaders
  • changes I’ve made to my mindset practice that have taken my mindset to the next level
  • the surprising way our relationship with our family impacts our ability to connect with our power
  • my biggest regret in my business and leadership

and so so much more.

This interview was raw – you’ll hear me make mistakes, be tired, and even check my notes (lol – why hide that I prepared to bring the heat????) – but that’s what revolutionary leadership is all about.

Showing up, doing your best, and knowing that’s enough.

And well, if someone makes you feel like its not?

They can suck it 🤷🏿‍♀️

Happy listening!



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