The Secret Key To Being Loud, Real, and Seen

Sep 15, 2022Revolutionary Rising Podcast

This topic has quickly and easily become one of my favorite things to talk about in this world.

So today’s episode is all about safety… which is the crucial piece to being loud, being real, and being seen.

This week’s episode gives us the secret to feeling way safer showing up, speaking up, and being seen.

I’ve used this secret countless times in my business, and my clients have used it too.

Matter of fact, I’m going to make a big claim:

This is the only thing that’ll really help you feel comfortable showing up, being louder, and being seen.

In this episode, I’ll be talking about:

  • That sometimes when we show up as our fullest expression of selves we get negative reactions and rejected 
  • Why it makes complete fucking sense that you aren’t showing up as boldly as you’d like 
  • The two common places most entrepreneurs feel unsafe in their marketing
  • Why you can’t seek safety entirely outside of yourself
  • The three keys feeling safer showing up loud, bold, and being seen


Inner Safety Visualization:



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