The surprising reason why you struggle to create content

Apr 23, 2020

Are you struggling to find inspiration for your content?

I could give you a ton of prompts to light your content on fire…

…but tbh, those content prompts you love are just a crutch.

Here’s the real ass solution:

You’ve gotta start looking for the inspiration.

Before you roll your eyes all the way back and continue your scroll, hear me out.

You THINK you’ve been looking for inspiration right now.

But you’re not.

What you’re actually doing is saying…

“I have no inspiration!”


“I don’t know what to write!”

over and over again in your head.

And well, if you think you don’t have any inspiration, and you don’t know what to write, your brain will create ways to confirm that truth.

You have to train your brain to be inspired.

You have to wake it up from its slumber.

Once you re-teach your brain to be creative, suddenly, you’ll find content everywhere.

Because literally anything, and everything, is the perfect inspiration for a piece of content.

Try it out: Spend the rest of your day being TRULY open to inspiration.

Look for it in your conversations. Look for it on TikTok. Look for it in your favorite TV Show.

Keep a notebook close by – because you might just be overwhelmed by all the content you produce.

There’s inspiration everywhere, sis.

You’ve just got to REALLY be looking for it.



P.S. – This piece of content is brought to you by literally jacking a response to one of my clients…

….because conversations with your clients are the best inspiration of all.

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