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Jan 20, 2022

I’m gonna be honest – I’m still transitioning back into the workplace.


Because my nervous system says so.

Normally, let’s keep it real – we don’t hear our nervous system until it’s screaming at us for help. (I know it isn’t just me!)

Even those of us with a ton of somatic capacity, we’ve still been socialized in a capitalist world which says:

“Ignore your body’s cues.”
“Your body is an obstacle to making money and being productive.”
“Make your body conform to your schedule.”

So listening to our nervous system and our body’s needs feels like one long, constant battle.

In past years, I would’ve just dived back into work…

…but thanks to taking December off, the way I listen to and relate to my nervous system has completely reset.

I can hear when it’s whispering for help, instead of when it’s pulling the fire alarm because it can’t take anymore.

And what I’ve found is that, well – when it comes to participating in a capitalist world…my nervous system is actually whispering for help quite a lot.

So in an effort to not completely lose the regulation that I found in my time off, I’ve been taking it wildly, unfathomably, slow.

That means that some days I spend 40% of my work day journaling, being with my body, and pulling tarot cards.

It means I’ve been pausing meetings with my team part-way through, and taking 10 minute breaks to get back in my body.

It means I pushed my launch a month, because transparently (and very reasonably), I feel like a sensitive little puddle of mush.

(TBH, aren’t we always just a sensitive little puddle of mush?)

Because I’ve had the space to see the truth of what my nervous system needs – I’m completely relearning how I engage with my work…

…and what I define as work.

Traditional mindsets around work will tell you that work is crossing shit off your to-do list.

But here’s a truth that I hope you take with you:

Taking care of your nervous system…that is the most important part of the work.

When you’re dysregulated:

You make worse decisions (typically ones based in scarcity or nonsense)
You create worse content (because you’re creating from a space of anxiety, not truth)
You’re not as good of a leader
You make goals that are completely out of alignment with what you want and need
You also just feel like shit (just saying)

The list goes on and on.

Everything you do in business (hell, in life) is impacted by how regulated your nervous system is.

And when you’re not making your nervous system the priority, trust me, everything is going to be worse.

So even though it feels like it’s not the “work,” that’s why I’m spending the hours doing the mindset work, trauma resolution, and the tarot card pulls…

…because sometimes, the work isn’t the doing.

The work is in the being – and when we create more capacity in our nervous system, that’s when we have space to create the legacy we truly want.

Talk soon,

P.S. – if you’re wanting to expand your ability to listen to, respect, and shape your life around your nervous system – I gotchu.  Click here and fill out this application, and we’ll talk about working together either 1:1 or in my incredible group program.

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