THIS is the biggest difference between a successful and unsuccessful business

Apr 17, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’m always trying to fix something about my business.

My messaging.

My systems.

My content that I’m delivering to my clients.

Literally, I am always trying to fix all of the things.

Seeing the problems & holes in things is one of my biggest strengths – ask Strengthsfinder! It’s also one of the things that makes me a great coach.

If I’m being real, sometimes I’m even trying to fix myself, to make myself the “right” kind of entrepreneur/coach/influencer.

I was journaling today and connecting to my spirit team when a message came through so strong and clear. I wanted to share it here, because I know I’m not the only person who needs to hear it:

“We created you exactly as you are, with a purpose. There is nothing to change.

You are right. What you feel is right. What you want is right.

Your work is to own that and stand tall in that.

Stop trying to change a perfect creation.

Every part of you has a purpose. To “fix” you, would mean breaking the perfection of your design.

Instead of focusing on how you can be better, or how you can fit in with a system, wonder how you can accept yourself.

Wonder how you can become even more of you.

Trust yourself. Trust there is a powerful, important reason that you are exactly the way you are.”

Here’s my question for you today:

What would be possible for your business if you focused on becoming a brighter version of yourself – instead of trying to “fix”?

How would your business look different?

What about your messaging?

I’ve got a secret for you, precious –

Deciding to own who you are, and focusing on amplifying that…

That is the biggest key to success in your business.

Not the strategy, or the perfect niche.

Just showing up and being exactly who you are.

Hit reply and tell me – if you were showing up as the fullest, most powerful version of you…how would your biz look different?

If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine!


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