This is the key to 50k months in your business

Mar 20, 2020

Do you ever catch yourself wondering, “How does she do it?”

As you watch your favorite coach have another 50k month?

You’re convinced that she has a better:




💕sales call flow

or whatever other B.S. you’ve equated leading to success.

Can I tell you a secret?

I know how she does it.

Wait for it….

She just fucking does it.

She shows up every day.

She does the things that make her want to break into hives.

She doesn’t run her business by her emotions or “what feels good.”

She invests in the help she actually needs, even when she doesn’t have the money.

She does her business HER WAY.

She’s not looking at you, wondering how you do it.

(She literally could give two fucks about how you do it 🤷🏾‍♀️)

She’s just sitting down, every day, and saying – I’m gonna fucking do it.

There’s not a lot standing between you and her.

You just have to:

🤯make the decision to go for it

🤯show up even when you fail

🤯be relentless in your pursuit of your business.

🤯stop following everyone else’s bulletproof strategy and create your own.

Yes, you need to know what strategy is out there.

Yes, you need to master your energetics.

But without the decision, grit, and relentlessness…

…you’re going nowhere fast.

Are you ready to really DO IT this year?

I’m supporting an incredible group of WOC entrepreneurs and non-POC allies in scaling their business to six figures in 2020.

We’ve already started cracking the code on:

🔥how to create a great offer, and how much to charge

🔥how to create great content

🔥how to show up for your biz every day, even when it’s hard

🔥systems and structures in their business

New clients are already starting to flood in for everyone out of nowhere…and we haven’t even officially gotten started.

We officially start on April 14th, but bonus calls and the FB group are already in motion.

Don’t miss the next bonus call on March 24th….apply here to join us.



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