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May 11, 2023

A really cool thing happened to me the other day.

I had multiple client sessions where, well – we really didn’t have anything to talk about.

Both of these clients were feeling so damned good… that they literally couldn’t think of one challenge that they needed support with that day.

It’s not because their lives were perfect.

It’s because, thanks to our work together, they’ve found the tools & resources that work to keep them feeling sane, clear, and confident…

…and so when challenges do come up for them, they’re able to overcome them quickly.

They don’t need to wait for coaching calls to work through their problems.

These days, they have the tools to do that themselves.

Believe it or not, this is my goal with all of my coaching clients.

want you to get to this place, where you feel like you don’t need me.


Because my job is to empower you.

And there’s literally nothing more disempowering than feeling like you have to depend on external help or support to stay sane, motivated, and to navigate life’s challenges.

I want every single person who works with me to feel like my one client, who said,

“For the first time in forever, I really feel like I trust myself. I trust my decisions, and I trust that no matter what happens, I can handle it.”

or my other client who said,

“I’m still scared, but I’m not letting that hold me back anymore. I’m going to do it scared.”

I want you to feel like my other client, who realized that she didn’t need to be worried about making mistakes, or fucking things up…

…because even if she fucks everything up, she knows from experience that she’ll find a way to figure it out.

👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿 These results that I just shared with you are my goal when we work together.

I want you to graduate and never come back.

Not because I don’t love you (it’s actually the opposite – I just had a super teary graduation call with a client the other day).

But because I want you to feel so confident, empowered, and well resourced that you always feel like you can navigate challenges in your life, leadership, or business…

…and once you feel like that, well, you sure as hell don’t need me.

If you want to feel like my clients in this email…then there’s something you should do:

Hit me up about working together in 1:1 coaching.

All of these results I just shared with you happened in just a few months.

I’d be honored to support you as you get to this place too.

Sending you all my love,

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