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Jul 20, 2022

I actually can’t believe I’m saying this – but I’m like, really good at making new friends.

This, btw, is a big deal for me because I’m not one of those weirdos who can magically talk to anyone, anywhere.

(I may be calling these people weirdos because I’m jealous of them. Maybe.)

I’m everyone’s deeply lovable but slightly curmudgeonly and deeply socially anxious friend.

Surprise! It me.

Or well, it was me.

Now, I’m a bonafide friendship guru.

Seriously – even my most social friends have started coming to me, looking for advice on how to make new friends.

What changed?

Well – transparently, lots of therapy, somatic work, and refusing to give up, tbh.

But also, I discovered this thing called…

The Liking Gap.

The liking gap is based on a legit scientific study that had participants have conversations, and rate how much they enjoyed themselves, and how much they think the other person enjoyed the conversation.

They found that every single time we underestimated the amount of enjoyment our partner received from the conversation.

The big take away here?

People like you way more than you think.

This piece of evidence is one of many that I used to feel more confident showing up as the boldest, unapologetic version of myself in conversations with new friends…

…because I knew that no matter what my mind says, the person in front of me enjoyed hearing what I had to say a lot more than I think they do.

Alright, I’ve gotta be honest – this email isn’t just a primer on how to make new friends.

This liking gap applies to showing up and sharing your brilliance, too.

There are so many things that get in the way of you showing up and sharing your brilliance as loudly and boldly as you need to…

…but one of them, 100% is you wondering how it will be received.

Ask yourself this right now:

If I thought that folks would be 20% more receptive to my bold, unapologetic messaging…how would I show up differently?

My guess?

You’d put out riskier content.
Maybe you’d finally hit publish on the podcast.
You’d finish writing that book. (oops! it me again, lol)
You’d send out more emails, write more posts.
You might even finally admit how deeply fucking spectacular you are at what you do.


Because you’d feel safer sharing your truth, knowing that it’ll be received well.

Now, here’s the mind-blowing piece of information that I have for you:

Thanks to the liking gap…we now know the truth:

People do enjoy interacting with you (that includes your messaging and content) 20% more than you think.

So however you answered my question above…

…you can start doing that right now.

It’s safe.
Does showing up bolder, louder, more often, in your brilliant AF message still feel daunting at best (and deeply unsafe at worst?)

No worries, boo – I gotchu.

This is what I support my 1:1 coaching clients on all the time. We work together to uncover what needs to be healed for you to feel safe to be seen in your brilliance…

…so that you can finally get rid of that nagging feeling that you’re meant to be showing up bigger, bolder, and impacting your community so much more.

Wanna have a chat to see if working together is a fit?

Click here to find out more.

1:1 coaching with me begins at 500 USD/mo – if that feels possible for you right now, it’d be an honor to work with you.


P.S. – Not ready for coaching but really loving this conversation? Good news – the third season of the Revolutionary Rising Podcast is going to be all about showing up deep in your brilliance – and it’s coming out on August 4th!

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