The Three Keys to Rock Solid Confidence as a Leader of Color

LIVE, Interactive Training for Leaders of Color
March 4, 2024 @ 11AM ET/ 8AM PT

Stop feeling like you’re an “imposter” and start feeling like the brilliant leader that you are! Learn how to lead in alignment with your values as a leader of color in this deep dive workshop with Gieselle Allen

What we’ll cover in this live training

Auditing Your Leadership Values

Uncover your top leadership values and how in (or out!) of alignment you really are in your leadership, so that you can intentionally create action steps towards leading in a way that you’re 100% proud of.

Acknowledging Your Successes

Learn simple practices that will help you refocus your mental energy from all the ways you could be better as a leader…to focusing on all the ways you’re a successful leader as well, so that you can start trusting yourself, your decisions, and what you have to say as a leader of color.

Tools to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Practice the unique mindset and somatic tools that will support you to stop feeling like an imposter so that you can FINALLY stop beating yourself up, and feel like you’re 100% enough as a leader (no matter what your crusty white colleagues say.)

Register Now to Start Feeling Like The Brilliant Leader of Color That You Really Are.


When you attend live, you’ll receive free laser coaching tailored to you and your needs. I’ll make sure to answer ALL of your leadership questions so that you leave this workshop immediately feeling more confident as a leader of color.

Meet Gieselle Allen

Hey, I support leaders of color to discover the confidence that comes with:

  • feeling safe to speak up (no matter who’s in the room!)
  • trusting their intuition & decisions as a leader
  • healing burnout for good (without missing a deadline!) 

…so that they can show up as the brilliant leader they want to be – in and out of the workplace.

I believe that every leader of color deserves to build a thriving life that is filled with joy, reflects their values and resonates with their core.

If you believe in that vision too, then you and I are kindred spirits, and you’re in the right place.

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