Thriving outside of the “norm”


Learn how to how to step into your own power, create your own version of success, and initiate revolutionary change as a person of color in a white supremacist world, in this deep dive private podcast with Gieselle Allen

What We’ll Cover In This Private Podcast

Day 1:

The Intersection of White Supremacy Culture, Capitalism, and You

EPISODE #1: Uncover what’s actually in your way of feeling successful, showing up in the world fully expressed, and creating radical change so that you can finally break free and uncover the confident, worthy, radical, self expressed version of yourself that you were always meant to be.

Day 2:

Healing Mindset +


EPISODE #2: Understand the exact process you need to follow to overcome any obstacle in your path to thriving. No matter what fear, obstacle, or white supremacist bullshit comes your way…you’ll have the exact tools and resources that you need overcome it with grace and ease.

Day 3:

What Thriving Outside of The Norm Looks Like

EPISODE #3: Is it truly possible to thrive outside of the norm? Yes it is, and in this episode Gieselle will show you how. Get clear on what thriving really looks like for you…and get real-life inspiration of what is truly possible when you say “deuces!” to the status quo, and follow your own path.

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Meet Gieselle Allen

Hey, I support leaders of color to discover the confidence that comes with:

  • feeling safe to speak up (no matter who’s in the room!)
  • trusting their intuition & decisions as a leader
  • healing burnout for good (without missing a deadline!) 

…so that they can show up as the brilliant leader they want to be – in and out of the workplace.

I believe that every leader of color deserves to build a thriving life that is filled with joy, reflects their values and resonates with their core.

If you believe in that vision too, then you and I are kindred spirits, and you’re in the right place.

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