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Jun 20, 2023

I was really stressed the other day.

My heart was racing, my inner critic was really loud and harsh, and it felt almost impossible to focus.

Years ago, it would’ve taken me days, weeks, or sometimes months to move through these feelings and regulate my emotions.

That day, it took me a couple of hours.


Here’s how I went from anxious to feeling peaceful AF in just a few hours:

👉🏿I pulled tarot cards

👉🏿I wrote down all of my fears, then reframed them to something more helpful

👉🏿I spent extra time outside in the sunshine

👉🏿I spent time really feeling and processing my feelings in my body (not thinking about or intellectualizing them)

👉🏿I played music that I find to be soothing or uplifting

👉🏿I asked my partner for extra hugs


These weren’t random things that I just decided to do.

They’re some of the items on my personal “resource list”… 

…aka a list of things that I’ve discovered can make me feel calm, energized, and regulated on days when “negative” emotions feel like they’re going to pull me under.

I’m sure that a “resource list” like this sounds like another one of those simplistic and basic techniques that you’ve tried before with no luck, but I can promise you: it’s not.

Resource lists like this are one of the huge reasons why so many of my 1:1 coaching clients reach out to me to tell them that the coaching is still working for them years later.


Here’s why:

As a coach, I’m never actually trying to get you to a point where you’re “fixed” and emotionally regulated all the time.

That’s unrealistic and impossible – we’re folks of color living in a capitalist, white supremacist and patriarchal society.

Sometimes – a lot of the time – shit is going to be hard.


So instead of trying to fix you, I do something WAY better:

I help you find the unique tools and resources that support YOU in regulating your emotions – so that when shit gets hard, you know exactly what’s going to help you feel better…

…every single time.


If you’re out here wanting to feel a little (or a lot) more emotionally regulated, make sure you remember this:

If you want to be regulated, the trick isn’t trying to feel happy constantly – it’s learning how to take care of yourself when you’re not.


Important question:

Do you know easy things you can do to regulate your emotions and nervous system when you’re feeling like shit?


And if you answered yes, I have an even MORE important question:

Do you actually do those things when you feel like shit?

If the answer to both of those is “yes!” – then I’m so fucking thrilled for you.

But if the answer to either of those is “no” – then we should talk about 1:1 coaching.

During 1:1 coaching, we shorten (or eliminate!) the time you stay stuck in shitty feelings like anxiety, guilt, disappointment, and shame…

..and increase the amount of time you feel confident, peaceful, and joyful.

We do this by consistently experimenting and tweaking simple, sustainable practices that you can do in five minutes or less, so that you stop feeling like you have to workout, meditate or journal for 30 minutes to feel better.

(Though you’re totally welcome to do those things too!)

The practices are great…but the accountability is even better. Because not only do I help you discover your unique practices…

…I make sure you do them.

This ensures that you build the habits you need to feel emotionally regulated, joyful, and confident sooooo much more of the time (and no matter what’s going on.)

Want to learn more about working with me? Click here to learn more and schedule your free discovery call.




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