Today isn’t going to be easy…

Nov 3, 2020

2020 has NOT been our year.

Just like you, I’ve been deeply impacted by the energetics and the actual circumstances of the year.

And the election is no different.

Keeping that in mind, I wanted to do something special for you all today…

and take a moment to talk about how to navigate tough times when we just know, in our gut, that shit is going to hit the fan.

During the election, or without.

And not just navigate these shitty times, but actually thrive too.

Trust me, ya’ girl is a master of that.

So, something I want you to ask whenever you’re going through times of immense stress, especially during the election, is this:

What do I want from this day?

I want you to really take some time to think over it too. What DO you want from a stressful day?

Next, think about what you need to release and embrace to achieve that.

So for example, let’s say you want complete peace right now (and honey, don’t we all). To achieve that, you might need to release being on social media, release client calls and work commitments, and embrace rest and snacks (more cookies please!).

When we’re going through stressful times, it’s important that we’re rooted in what WE want.

The rest is just bullshit. Let all of that slide off.

Of course, finding peace and all that jazz isn’t gonna be easy.

Far from it.

No matter how many cookies you eat, how much your stay off of social media, or how much sleep you get, the anxiety and the fear is going to kick in somehow. Maybe a family member has the news on in the living room, maybe a friend calls to vent about their own stress, maybe you see a flyer during your morning walk.

When this does happen, I like to take two steps:

  • Step 1: Remind myself that these feelings are NORMAL and nothing to fight, or be ashamed of.
  • Step 2: Create tools that will catch me when I falter. I always like going out and being in nature whenever I know I’m going to be anxious. Similarly, have that contingency plan to fall back on to bring yourself back to equilibrium.

These are going to be a tough couple of weeks for all of us. In fact, I expect them to feel a lot like when COVID first swept the world, or when George Floyd was murdered.

And we need to stick together.

In the latest episode of the Revolutionary Rising podcast, I discuss everything I’m doing to keep myself sane, how to understand what your body really needs from you, and loads more tips to get through these weeks in one piece.

Click here to listen in ->

I recorded this podcast to be a comfort to people. Heck, you best believe I’m going to be rewinding this podcast today and taking notes myself.

Anxiety and fear right now is inevitable.

But I hope you can come out of this with a few more tools in your toolkit on how to deal with them.

Take care of yourself,

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