your toxic relationship w/ power

Nov 11, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

You might not know this but as a woman or femme of color you probably have a toxic relationship with power and leadership.

Don’t believe me?

Listen to today’s episode where we’re diving into the concept of power and leadership and why our relationships to them are just a little screwed up.

What comes to mind when you say power? What about leadership? What type of responses do you feel in your body? A lot of times we can say these terms out loud, say we identify with them, but deep down we may have a pretty fraught relationship with them.

Leadership is often viewed as something you earn, work towards, or have certain qualifications to be labeled as one. In hand with leadership we often think of power. I find many people of color are uncomfortable with power and what it stands for. Oftentimes we see it as oppressive, a ‘thing’ that goes to our head if we obtain it.

Why do we feel these ways?

These terms have been distorted, warped, and twisted… Our lineage has lived through some pretty traumatic shit! So it really isn’t a huge surprise there is such a disconnect towards these terms. We have been taught for generations to believe, as people of color, that we shouldn’t have power or be leaders, that we should feel smaller, because if we believed anything different we would unravel and overthrow this BS pitch in a heartbeat.

Listen in on this episode so I can rewire your brain from believing leaders are only old white men who ‘know everything’.

Even if you feel comfortable with the ideas of power and leadership, I still really encourage you to listen. We can always grow and deepen into these roles. I believe that a liberated world for women and femmes of color, people of color as a whole, comes from fully stepping into power and leadership.

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