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Apr 13, 2023

I took this picture the other day, and it really means a lot to me:

This is a photo of the post-it I made last month when my 1:1 coaching practice officially filled up, and went on a waitlist.

It shows me how many clients I can accept for each month through the end of this year 🥳

I’m really proud of this post-it, because it’s a reminder of all of the really hard things I had to do last year in order to go from zero clients at one point….to having a full practice now.

If you’re in my world right now, you’re probably like me last year:

You have a big, lofty goal for yourself.

But right now, you might just be at the beginning…or in the messy middle of it – and you aren’t sure you’ll have a success story on the other side.

So, I wanted to share the things I had to do in order to stay on the path and find my way to that very important post-it I just showed you, because you’ll likely have to do these things, too.


1️⃣ I had be willing claim the dream that was in my heart

This one can often be the hardest part, for a few reasons:

👉🏿admitting you want something makes it real (and means you might face disappointment if you don’t get it)

👉🏿you might feel like your dream isn’t possible, and therefore isn’t worth claiming

But if you don’t admit what you actually want, there’s a good chance you’ll never attain it, because in order to reach a goal – you have to aim for it.  

And you can only aim for goals you’ve claimed.


2️⃣ I had to trust my intuition, even when things were going south

Real talk: last year, I had zero clients for almost six months.

I got so many no’s before I started getting a ton of yeses.

Here’s what kept me moving forward, even when things felt hopeless:

I remembered all the evidence I had that I’ve built a 1:1 practice before, and could do it again.

I focused on the positive – people were interested, which meant eventually, I’d be able to turn that interest into clients.

I paid attention to reality instead of my fears, and reminded myself that the reality is that I had enough in the bank that I could float myself until the end of the year, so I didn’t have to worry about going broke.

I was able to do all of these things, even when it seemed like everything was going south, because these are the exact same mindset tools that I teach my 1:1 clients every single day.  


3️⃣ I treated failures like lessons

A lot of the time, when we’ve failed at something, we  give up. 

Last year, I did the opposite. When something wasn’t going the way I wanted, I tweaked it, and tried it again until I found a way that actually worked.

You already know how this story ends – that method really, really worked out.

In order to do this, I had to shift my perspective on failure, and feel safe failing – knowing that failing at one element within my business doesn’t mean that my business as a whole will fail.

I believed I could turn my failures into information that would lead to my successes – and because I kept working at it, that belief became true.

If you’ve got a big goal that you’re moving towards, I just want you to remember that these things are true:

👉🏿there’s no such thing as an overnight success (so stop pressuring yourself to achieve your goals quickly)

👉🏿the biggest successes came with a whole lotta failures before that

👉🏿 the most important factor re: whether or not you’ll achieve your goals is whether you can maintain your faith in yourself and the part of you that says, ‘this goal is achievable for me’


If you need help:

🥳making your big goals a reality

🥳changing your perspective on failure

🥳trusting your intuition

🥳staying on the path, even when things get hard

🥳feeling confident in yourself and what you’re capable of


Then you might wanna consider scheduling a call to talk about 1:1 coaching.

You saw the post-it.

I’ve got limited space this year. 

So if you know you want support, and you want it from me, let’s get on a call now and save your spot to get started in a couple of months.




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