wanna take it slow?

Jan 12, 2021

There’s an intention for 2021 that’s been floating around for a lot of folks – slowing down, resting, and being intentional.

[P.S. – surprise, that’s part of my intentions too!]

It sounds simple enough, but to be honest, being intentional can be one of the hardest things to do.


Because the world we live in is fast.

When it feels like deadlines, responsibilities, and time is flying past you so fast you can’t hold on, well…

…it can feel impossible to slow down, be intentional, and do all of the things you need to do.

Is that hitting you right in your soul, precious?

If so, I have a suggestion for you:

Find spaces will help you get real about what capitalism and socialization tell you “need” to be done… and what actually needs to happen. (Spoiler alert: it’s usually almost nothing.)

Find communities that will hold you accountable to slowing the fuck down, and doing what’s right for you.

Find people who cheer you on when you take an extra 10 minutes so sit down, connect with your intention, and find the actual right path forward for you.


Because when you’re tempted to rush back into the capitalist day-to-day, you need an anchor pull you back down to being intentional, and to say,

“Not today, boo boo.”


Important question:

Do you have your community and people who can support you in holding you accountable to slowing down and being intentional?


If the answer is, yes – I’m celebrating you!

If the answer is no – then you may want to click through this link and check out Revolutionary Rising.

Everything in our program is designed to ensure that you’re…

…slowing down.

…taking deep breaths.

…connecting with your intuition and getting clear.

…recovering back to your true wants and needs when the whirlwind of colonized life tries to take over you.

I know what you’re thinking: I have a lotta things going on – how could adding one more thing be a smart thing to do?


Real talk, precious?

Revolutionary Rising isn’t about adding another thing to your plate.

It’s about creating space.

It’s about creating time where you get to focus on you, get some spiritual, emotional, and mental nourishment, get clear on the path forward, and move forward with…

…you guessed it, intention.

Take it from me honey, that’s the best thing to do when you know you’re heading towards a big transition, a major change, or when things are gonna get crazy.

Ready to get grounded in intention this year?

Click here to learn more about Revolutionary Rising and to apply.


I hope to see you soon,


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