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Feb 8, 2024

Something I’ve been talking about with a bunch of my clients lately is balance.

See, like you, my clients are really busy people.

They’re leaders at nonprofits, entrepreneurs, board members and VPs at major companies, and the list goes on.

It’s hard enough to balance all of the responsibilities that come from doing demanding, impactful work…


…but as ambitious, big hearted dreamers, they also:

🔥go on vacation so much that I’m jealous (and I take a LOT of vacations – I’m on one now!) 

🔥take care of family members & are devoted, physically & emotionally present parents. 

🔥take care of themselves religiously through meditation, exercise, and therapy. 

🔥feed their community via quality time, volunteering, mentorship.


Long story short, they lead big, bold, busy, fulfilled lives.

When they’re feeling good and everything is going well in their lives, they can balance everything they want and need to do with ease.

But the real struggle my clients have been experiencing lately is how to maintain their balance when things get hard.

Sometimes they’re navigating a big personal loss that takes up all of their mental and emotional bandwidth.

Other times, childcare falls through or they have to take care of more at home.

In these moments, when one area of their life starts taking up more energy than they expected, that’s when my clients come to me and tell me that the balance in their life is feeling off.

They feel like they are focusing too much on one area, and can’t be present in other areas of their life, so they’ll ask me, 

“How can I restore balance and get back to where I was?”

Sometimes, I guide them to the answers as to why their mind and nervous system are so hyper focused on this one area of their life, and how they can begin to shift themselves back into equilibrium.


But other times, I tell them what I’m about to tell you:

Balance doesn’t always mean doing it all.


In a capitalist society, we are told that we have truly achieved balance when we’re able to manage both our personal and professional lives all the time.

That’s crazy though, because we’re human beings – not robots. 

As humans, we won’t ever be able to do everything and balance everything all of the time, because our energy and needs change from hour to hour, and day to day.


Sometimes, balance looks like: 

👉🏿giving into grief by eating junk food

👉🏿taking a mental health day to spend in bed

👉🏿switching high intensity workouts to gentle yoga

👉🏿getting back to your normal habits & activities once the emotion has moved through you and feels more manageable.


Other times, balance is going to look like working late, doing back to back work trips, and then taking an entire week off.


But here’s the most important truth about balance:

Balance is going to look different for every person.


Balance will even look different during different parts of your year.

Hell, balance can look completely different depending on what you need over the course of a day.

Balance isn’t about doing it all the same way all the time – that’s how you end up exhausted, over overextended, and not actually giving your mind, body and spirit what they need to thrive.

This, btw, is likely why you don’t feel balanced right now.  

It’s because you’re working off of an arbitrary idea of balance that isn’t attuned to your wants and needs.

You also likely don’t trust yourself enough to give yourself grace and space when things go off track.

Instead of just trusting & doing what your body wants and needs, you continued to perform your stagnant “balanced” schedule and wondered why it’s not working, you’re desperately exhausted, constantly procrastinating, and burnt out.

Developing your ability to listen to your body, actually act upon what your body needs, and trust yourself to fix your balance when it’s feeling off is what you really need to work on to create the balanced lifestyle you’re craving.

That being said, I know that’s not easy.

You might feel like if you stop running on the hamster wheel of doing what’s urgent and important that the fragile house of cards that you’ve already built will all fall apart.

It might feel completely unsafe, frivolous, or unrealistic to spend time doing things that your body wants and needs when there are so many other things that need to get done.

If you’re being completely honest, you might not even believe that it’s possible to honor what you want and what your body needs, while still doing everything you need to do, too.

If you resonate with any of this – then we should definitely talk about working together via 1:1 coaching.


In my 1:1 coaching container, I’ll support you to:

🌴uncover what your unique balanced lifestyle looks like for you at different phases of your life

🌴find a balance where you get everything done AND enjoy things that you want to do

🌴feel less stressed, more confident, and experience so much more joy even when life is busy


I’ll help you trust that it’s safe for you to lean into the real balance you desire, and see that you truly can have your cake and eat it too.

(Yes, I can help you with this, no matter how much you have going on)


And when you inevitably get out of balance and fuck it all up (because we all do, lol!), I’ll be there to help you get yourself back into the balance that looks right for you.

When we are done working together, you’ll be a master of knowing what balance looks like for you in every season of your life, and maintaining that balance no matter what challenges come your work.

If you’re ready to finally feel like you have a full life where you “have it all” –without running yourself into the ground, or  sacrificing the success, impact, and resources you crave… 

…then let’s talk about 1:1 coaching.

It’s time for you to have the big, bold, and fulfilled life you’ve been craving – and feel balanced while you tackle each and every day.




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