watch out for this red flag

Dec 13, 2022

I recently went to a doctor for help with a chronic illness that I’m trying to understand better…

…and instead of getting the support that I need, I left:

😡spoken down to
😡deeply upset

Instead of asking me about my 10 years of lived experience with the illness…

…he just looked at my test results and told me that I’m “basically normal.”

Instead of asking me what I knew about how to care for myself and the illness so he could help me go deeper…

…his idea of “support” was telling me information that you can read after doing literally 5 minutes of research.

He didn’t view us as collaborators in my health.

He viewed himself as the “expert” and me as the student.

Which is ridiculous and steeped in white-supremacy culture…because sure, you’ve gone to medical school…

…but how could anyone be more of an expert in me and my body than well, me?

This doesn’t just happen in the medical field, though.

This can happen when you’re searching for a business or leadership coach, too.

Most coaches try to teach you their way of doing things – they tell you: do exactly what I do, and that’s your path to success.

Here’s the problem with that:

Just like my experience with that doctor, it’s oppressive AF.

That way of “coaching” insinuates that they know what’s best for you…

…when the truth is, a real coach (like me!) knows that the only person who knows what’s best for you, is well, you.

That’s why, in my 1:1 coaching practice, I never claim to be an expert, or tell you what to do.

What I do is collaborate with:

✨your intuition (feel disconnected from it? We’ll find it!)
✨your body
✨your lived experience
✨your answers

to find the right answers and next steps for YOU.

(Because what’s right for me, or any of my other clients may not be right for you.)

Once we do that work over and over again, you’ll stop seeking out experts with  “the right answers” for how you can expand in your business and leadership.

Instead, you’ll know the truth:

There’s no point in seeking out answers from elsewhere – because the “right” answers you’ve been looking for have been with you all along.

Ready to stop looking for other folks to tell you what to do, and start listening to your intuition religiously?

Then you may want to get on my calendar to talk about coaching.

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