welcome back to season 2

Nov 11, 2021Revolutionary Rising Podcast

Welcome back to Revolutionary Rising! I am coming back loaded with all the things you loved in last season, but also going on a journey together, exploring topics from many sides.

Together we are EVOLVING…

We are moving on from conversations about confidence and feeling stuck. We know how to overcome obstacles when we need to. Instead, we are discussing meeting not only others’ needs, but also our own. Learning how to step into our power and own it.

Most importantly, we are discussing leadership, all the ways we have a bullshit view on what it is, and how we make ourselves feel as if we aren’t one.

We are all here, on this journey of leadership, truly wanting to do it in a revolutionary way, but what is revolutionary leadership?

This season is instrumental in understanding the concept of leadership because for us to liberate our communities, and create a liberated world for people of color, we need to feel comfortable with being leaders and having power.

Begin the journey of rooting down into your leadership with my first episode this season. Learn a little bit about what’s in store for you on this journey, and why you should keep coming back for more.

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