what do you deserve?

Jan 10, 2021

Over the holidays, I moved into my new house.

It’s our first house and it’s big, beautiful and spacious (which was an absolute must for me energetically. This chick needs space.)

As I was unpacking my clothes into this fancy, huge-ass closet that the white lady who lived in this house before me built…I had an overwhelming thought.

I thought, “Wow, I really deserve this.”

Not because of how hard I work or how much I earn, but simply because I’m a living, breathing human being who deserves to experience pleasure and beauty and luxury.

This was a revolutionary moment for me because I’ve always struggled with feelings of deserving and worth.

I’ve always second-guessed whether I truly deserved something if I didn’t spend day and night working tirelessly for it.

I know that as I write this blog to a group of humans of color, that i’m not alone in this one.


Here’s what I want you to hear today:

You deserve to feel that pure, unfiltered, I-own-a-huge-ass-closet joy that comes from having something beautiful, something you love, and always wanted.

  • You deserve to thrive.
  • You deserve to have the life you want.
  • You deserve beauty.
  • You deserve peace.

Not because you did this thing or worked that much, but simply because you fucking exist.


Take a deep breath, and soak that in for a second.

I’m curious – do you believe me…or is there still a part of you that doesn’t quite believe you deserve it?

If you struggle to feel like you deserve things, or you have worth outside of your productivity… you may be a fit for my group coaching program for women of color & non-binary folx who feel comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women.

It’s called Revolutionary Rising – it’s a deep, intimate community of humans who are committed to liberating their minds and businesses from internalized capitalism, patriarchy, and whiteness… so that they can finally have the thriving, aligned, and ethical businesses of their dreams.

Curious? Check it out and apply here.




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