What is A Universal Sign and What is Not?

Feb 20, 2020

I’m talking to an incredible womxn entrepreneur who is ready to scale her business for real in 2020.

She believes in herself.

She happened upon me and my work.

She totally gets how what I do and feels like the way I do it is exactly what she needs to grow her biz.

But the numbers “aren’t making sense” for her right now.

So she said to me, “maybe it’s a sign from the universe.”

Listen, girl – I completely believe in signs from the universe.

At this point, I literally run my ENTIRE business and life on universal signs.

I guess you could call me a bit of an expert on universal signs.

So here’s the truth about universal signs, what they are and are not.

Universal signs look like:

💫You having a big, bold dream of what your business could look like

💫You KNOWING that you’re ready to make it happen

💫You getting introduced to a coach who feels like a perfect fit for you

💫You feeling so inspired by that person that you get on a call

💫Getting on that call, and realizing, “yes, this is exactly what I need”

If finances, or fear, or uncertainty pop up for you after that point….


That is:

😣fear that your business won’t work out

😣fear that the coaching won’t work for you

😣fear that you can’t make the numbers work and you’ll screw yourself/your family/your partner out of the money you need

I repeat: that is NOT a universal sign.

Unsure of whether or not it’s a sign?

Take a second to just take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself:

“If I put all fear aside, what is the universe trying to tell me right now?”

You’ll get your answer, and your true universal sign.

The universe doesn’t give you dreams that you’re not ready for.

The universe doesn’t show you opportunities that aren’t meant for you.

So tell me, what is the universe trying to tell you right now?

Are you ready to follow your true, universal signs?


P.S. – has it been feeling like a universal sign for us to chat about working together? Let’s schedule a call to chat here.

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