What to do when your intuition is wrong

Nov 28, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you might not want to trust your intuition, because damn, it’s done you dirty sometimes.

You heard it….

You listened…

….and then you fell right on your face.

I know you know what I’m talking about.

Then it made you think, how could my intuition be so off? If my intuition was that off before, how can I really, trust this whole thing you’ve been talking about for the past five weeks?

Can I say something controversial, FName?

Your intuition wasn’t wrong.

Yes, you may have been miserable. Yes, you would never make that decision again.

But if you truly followed your gut, and it still sucked, you did the right thing for you.

You learned a lesson that you need for your path.

Perhaps it finally gave you the push out into entrepreneurship.

Maybe you had to learn some boundaries that you had been sorely missing before.

Whatever it was, it was 100% not a mistake and, as painful as it was, was something you needed to get to where you’re going.

Sometimes your intuition will lead you into situations that are challenging, or can feel less than ideal. This doesn’t mean your intuition was wrong.

It simply means there was a lesson the universe wanted you to learn.

In those situations, ask yourself, “What is the lesson I was supposed to learn here?”

If you’re still close to the events, put a calendar event for 6 months from now, with the question:

“What did I learn from __________? How was it an important part of my journey?” and I bet you’ll suddenly have an answer.



P.P.S. – Do you have any other burning questions about intuition? LMK – I’m happy to answer them.

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